Activist Amber Amour takes selfie, posts to social media minutes after rape

Amber Amour takes a selfie after alleged rape ((Image source: Instagram @ambertheactivist)
Amber Amour takes a selfie after alleged rape ((Image source: Instagram @ambertheactivist)

Rape activist Amber Amour, 27, has caused controversy over an alleged rape that occurred in Cape Town, South Africa, in November of 2015. Amour is originally from New York City and was speaking on behalf of her “Stop Rape. Educate” campaign when she alleged that she was sexually assaulted by a man named Shakir. Moments after the alleged rape, Amor began live blogging her rape experience on Instagram and Facebook. This included a picture of her during evidence collection for a rape kit.

Amber Amour during “Rape Kit” evidence collection (Image Source: Instagram @ambertheactivist)
Amber Amour during rape kit evidence collection (Image Source: Instagram @ambertheactivist)

She posted the following to Facebook on Nov. 21, 2015:

“I’ve been sick for the past 2 days and today was my first day out. I went back to my old hostel to leave a note for a friend, Nick. There was another guy there, Shakir, who was desperately trying to get with me. I kissed him once but he seemed drunk so I told him it was bad timing, I had already met someone. Before heading out, I went upstairs to say hi to one more friend, Clyde from the states. Shakir followed me upstairs and said he was going to take a shower. He invited me to join. I said yes because the water at my current hostel is pretty cold and after 2 days of being sick, I just really wanted a hot shower. As soon as I got in the bathroom, he forced me to my knees. I said “stop!” but he just got more violent. He lifted me up and put his penis in my vagina. I asked him to stop, again, as I began to cry. When he shoved it in my ass, that’s when I passed out. I woke up a few minutes later and saw him trying to creep out the door. When he saw that I was awake, he came back to finish me off in the shower. I have all those fucked up feelings that we get after rape…shame, disgust, suffering. I’m here, alone, and any DNA has been wiped away in the shower. The South African police will just roll their eyes when I walk in. Feeling sicker than ever now… All the more reason to ‪#‎StopRapeEducate but today I just need rest. (Amber The Activist/Facebook)”

Since the alleged rape she has received positive and negative responses from critics of her decision to take a shower with a man she had just met. But Amour stated that being naked does not give someone consent to rape and that people are engaging in victim blaming. To reinforce this idea, she has decided to start spending more time naked with strangers in public and created a new campaign called “Creating Consent Culture.” Since the attack, Amour has given numerous interviews defending her decision to take a shower with her alleged assailant. She has stated that showering naked with someone is not an invitation to sex or rape.

(Image Source: Instagram @ambertheactivist)
(Image source: Instagram @ambertheactivist)

On Jan. 2, 2016 Amour posted on Facebook “I found out yesterday that the man who raped me was arrested!! And then he was released on bail for 1000Rand, about $75. I’m not dropping the case; I’ll let the courts do their job. The case is postponed until March 29. In the meantime, I’ll continue my humanitarian work here in Africa. Next stop: Namibia this Thursday!”

Here are a few posts from her Instagram account @ambertheactivist:

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