Ciara claps back at Future in a major way

Photo credit: Ciara's Instagram (@ciara)
Photo credit: Ciara’s Instagram (@ciara)

Ciara and Future have been at odds with each other for months about everything from custody and child support for their son, baby Future, to Ciara’s current boyfriend, NFL superstar Russell Wilson. Although Future has been the one doing the most talking in the feud, Ciara struck a major blow this week as news revealed that she recently decided to file a $15 million lawsuit against Future.

As fans know, Future has had a lot to say about Ciara over the past year. Shortly after Ciara revealed her relationship with Wilson, the singer began posting pictures of herself and Wilson spending time with her young son. Not long after that, Future began blasting Ciara to the public, saying that she was out of line for allowing another man to spend so much time with their son. He also bashed Wilson and claimed that he and Ciara were using his son as a means to get publicity.

Future later claimed that Ciara was keeping him from seeing their son, despite the large child support checks he was sending her every month.

“The b—- got control problems,” Future tweeted. “I gotta go through lawyers to see babyfuture …”

However, Ciara’s team denied Future’s claims, saying that the rapper was “staying in the press using her name” and that he is “unable to move on and co-parent in a healthy way.”

Reportedly, Ciara is tired of Future blasting her and late last month she filed a lawsuit against Future in a Georgia court, accusing him of defamation, libel and slander.

In the lawsuit, Ciara claims Future has spread numerous lies about her and her parenting skills over the past year. She claims that she understands and respects his freedom of speech, but she claims that the things Future has said about her are untrue.

Ciara also claims that Future has been creating drama with her to drum up interest in his musical endeavors, and that he’s tried to diminish her brand, damage her professional career, and tarnish her reputation as a mother.

She also claims that she made several attempts to come to an amicable agreement with Future on child support, custody and visitation rights for their son, but says she had to file a claim for support against Future in another state.

Ciara is now seeking $15 million in damages and wants a judge to order Future to stop speaking about their son in the press. She also wants $250K for her legal fees.

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