Racist who said Blacks carried germs jailed for beating a Black man


A racist man in Iowa was arrested after allegedly assaulting a Black man because of his race. According to reports by CBS 2, Andy Benavidez approached a Black man in Iowa City, Iowa and began yelling racial slurs at him.

At some point, Benavides decided to punch the Black man and beat him severely. When police arrived on the scene, Benavides admitted to being a racist. He was wearing a surgical mask during the attack. When authorities asked the man why he was wearing a mask over his face, he told the police that he wore a surgical mask because he did not want to catch germs from Black people. He also admitted to fighting the man simply because he was Black.

This kind of racism and hate will continue to be a major issue in America until the simple act of being racist is outlawed. If it’s against the law to be a terrorist or be affiliated with a terrorist organization, the same rules should apply to racist. Racist thoughts can lead to vicious actions. And it goes beyond the physical assaults of innocent Blacks and minorities. When systematic racism is allowed to exist, it leads to improper healthcare, a lack of opportunities, and discrimination.

But with the racism and rhetoric spewed on a daily by presidential nominee Donald Trump, racists across the country have a leader who will embrace those sick ideas. A Trump presidency will lead to more hate crimes and attacks against minorities and religious groups. It will also lead to laws that will negatively affect Blacks and minorities.

Benavidez is only one racist who chooses to exist in ignorance. However, there are a multitude of others who share his thoughts and views. America can only become great without hate.

He has been charged with assault-violation of individual rights which is considered a hate crime.

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