Lakers’ Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson accused of sexual harassment


Los Angeles Lakers players Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson are facing serious allegations of sexual harassment. According to ESPN, the alleged incident occurred on March 20.

The woman, Alexis Jones, says she was driving in Los Angeles when several men riding in a Jeep drove up next to her and her 68-year-old mother. Jones claims the men began yelling at them and making lewd and sexual gestures to them at several traffic lights. She said her mother Jones took a picture of the men and posted it on her Instagram account which has 20,000 followers. It was discovered that the men in the Jeep were Lakers’ players Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson.

Jones is an equal rights activist who has a non-profit and book called I AM THAT GIRL which aims to empower women. She said she recently created a program called ProtectHer which aims to address sexual abuse in sports. Jones was actually attempting to pitch the concept to the NBA last week.

Lakers officials reached out to Jones to apologize on half of the Young and Clarkson and suggested that she speak with the team about her cause and non-profit.

After the incident Young took to Twitter to voice his opinion by tweeting, “Aye if you want some attention take a pic of me and say anything next to it and post…The world we live in.”

Young eventually deleted the message from his account.

Some on Twitter are skeptical of Jones’ story. Twitter user @shottazee tweeted, “This Nick Young story doesn’t add up.” And @iamC_Mart wrote, “The woman Jordan Clarkson and Nick Young allegedly harassed, just so happens to be an advocate for sexual harassment against women.”

Others on Twitter have blasted Young and Clarkson. User @ChosenoneRP posted, “Damn shame! Swag P and Clarkson should know better.I expect more from my squad.”

The Lakers organization said it will investigate and handle the situation. Police charges have yet to be filed by Jones.

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