Is Rob Kardashian going under the knife?

Photo Credit: Rob Kardashian’s Instagram (@robkardashian)
Photo Credit: Rob Kardashian’s Instagram (@robkardashian)

Rob Kardashian may be the black sheep of the Kardashian family, especially since he started dating family enemy Blac Chyna earlier this year. But even though Rob and his family have their differences, it looks like he may still follow in the footsteps of his sisters because rumors are popping up that Rob may undergo plastic surgery.

As fans know, Rob spent most of last year battling weight gain, depression, and an alleged drug addiction that left him shying away from the cameras and leaving behind his reality TV days. However, since getting together with Chyna, Rob has been in the gym consistently and eating much healthier as he works to slim down his frame and keep his diabetes in check.

For weeks now, fans have been applauding Rob as pictures show him getting smaller by the day and he’s reportedly lost more than 50 pounds since he started his weight loss plan. However, according to media reports, because Rob has lost so much weight so fast, he’s now got the problem of having excess skin on his body. To deal with the problem, rumors are floating around that Rob plans to go under the knife to have the excess skin removed from his body.

“Rob has recently had several consultations with his family doctors to go under the knife to remove the excess skin that has been left behind after he lost so much weight so quickly,” said a source.

The source also claims that Chyna is supportive of the idea of Rob having the surgery.

“Blac Chyna is definitely encouraging him and supporting him on this, because it really affects his self-confidence. She has gone with him to his consultations,” the source said.

Neither Rob nor Chyna have commented on the rumors, but considering how important looks are to a young celebrity like Rob, especially one who’s a Kardashian, we wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if he did want to remove any possible excess skin.

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