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Apollo Nida commits violation behind bars

Apollo Nida

Photo credit: Instagram – @apollonida03

Apollo Nida has already served a year of his eight-year prison sentence for identity theft and fraud and it seemed like the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was on his best behavior behind bars as he’d been moved to the less restrictive Fort Dix Correctional Institution. However, Nida reportedly found himself in hot water once again because he was allegedly caught smuggling an item into his cell.

According to media reports, sources say that the incident happened back in February when prison officials discovered that Nida had a smuggled cellphone and that he’d been using it to make illegal calls to friends and family. The sources say that officials took the violation very seriously and that Nida received a severe punishment for smuggling the phone into the facility.

“The prison staff took Apollo’s violation very seriously,” the source said. “He was taken out of camp with the general population and placed in maximum security.”

The sources say that Nida must spend the next 18 months of his sentence in the barbed wired maximum security section of the facility and that all visitors, including his young sons, Dylan and Ayden, must undergo a body search in order to visit him.

Luckily for Nida’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Phaedra Parks, who recently documented taking her sons on their first visit to see their father in prison, she’s not a suspect in the investigation as to how Nida smuggled the phone into the facility.

“Phaedra has not been questioned,” the source said.

Unfortunately for Nida, the sources say that Nida hasn’t just angered prison officials during his sentence. They say he’s also infuriated much of the prison population as well.

“Apollo is not well-liked among the other prisoners because he thinks he’s still a famous reality star,” the source explains. “He wanted special treatment, and had a hard time adjusting to prison life.”

Well, we hope that Nida has learned his lesson and that he starts maintaining his good behavior, once again, lest he ends up serving his full sentence instead of getting out early.

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  1. Billy917 on April 8, 2016 at 12:54 pm

    Throw away the key and let the pud rot