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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders » 3 reasons ‘She is B.A.E. Summit’ is a must for women building an empire

3 reasons ‘She is B.A.E. Summit’ is a must for women building an empire

Photo credit: La'Janee' Cosby

Photo credit: La’Janee’ Cosby

The She is B.A.E (Building an Empire) Summit, one of the most important events for women looking to create an unstoppable empire, is likely coming to a town near you.

La’Janee’ Cosby, creator of the conference, has come a long way from working in corporate America and dreaming of one day being her own boss. She eventually took a leap of faith, moved from Memphis, Tennessee, to Atlanta, and started on a journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. At  28, she runs her own entertainment blog, I Can Repeat It, which has opened the door for her to interview countless celebrities and even be featured on top gossip platform, “TMZ Live.”  Cosby is steadily on the rise to becoming one of Atlanta’s most prominent media personalities.

As a hard-working businesswoman who knows the ropes, Cosby is ready to share her knowledge with other ladies who aspire to build a trusted brand and transform their businesses into empires. Her upcoming summit tour is coming to private locations in Atlanta, Houston, L.A., and New York City. The four-hour event — the first of which is on Aug. 16 — will include a workshop and panel led by accomplished female entrepreneurs.

Here are a few reasons attending the She is B.A.E Summit is a must for any businesswoman who aspires to take herself to the next level.

There will be expert advice on business.

Not only will Cosby be speaking to women about her experience running her own empire, but in each city, there will be a different group of accomplished businesswomen who will provide their expertise on the topic. For example, in Atlanta, WRDW midday anchor Danielle Hughes will be joining the panel of speakers. Tamika Newhouse, best-selling author and CEO of Delphine Publications, will also be a speaker, alongside several other professionals.

“They’re strong, Black women that make things happen,” Cosby told rolling out regarding her panelists. “They’re atmosphere-changers and decision-makers.”

Photo credit: La'Janee' Cosby

Photo credit: La’Janee’ Cosby

Attendees will receive direct assistance on creating a business plan.

Cosby doesn’t want her summit to be a typical lecture. She wants each event to be a life-changing experience where women can take the first step toward improving their business before they even leave the building.

“I don’t want this to be another summit where people only left with good notes and quotes,” Cosby said. “I want women to really leave with clarity and an execution plan. Women can expect to leave with an actual blueprint that can assist them in their business.”

Attendees will network with an amazing group of women.

Networking with like-minded people is a valuable tool, and She is B.A.E. will provide a great opportunity to do it. Each summit will be full of career-driven women who want to be the best at their craft. Every women involved in She is B.A.E is likely to find someone to connect and build a great business relationship with, whether it be a fellow attendee or one of the panelists.

Check out the She is B.A.E Summit tour dates below.

Atlanta – April 16, 2016

Houston – June 11, 2016

Los Angeles – Sept. 17, 2016

New York City – Dec. 10, 2016

For more information on the She is B.A.E. Summit Tour, visit Follow La’Janee’ Cosby on Twitter and Instagram @naeicanrepeatit.