Dad kills, barbecues family dog in front of wife and kids

Patrick Zane Thompson (Photo Credit: Maricopa County Sheriff’s office)
Patrick Zane Thompson (Photo credit: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

Patrick Zane Thompson, 42, had a serious break from reality this past weekend. The hardworking father owns Raging Cajun Smoking Barbeque and is well known in Goodyear, Arizona, for his food. Family members had grown concerned for him because of the stress of running the business and other problems. By all accounts the end result of this stress resulted in a bizarre episode of ritual sacrifice.

Family members stated that Thompson had smoked marijuana earlier in the day, and then he spotted his daughter wearing a T-shirt that he felt was disturbing. He felt that the T-shirt would have devilish outcomes and told his teen daughter to take the T-shirt off. He then threw the shirt into his large barbecue smoker in his backyard and as it was burning he felt that he needed to do more. According to statements he gave to police and from family members, he felt that a male sacrifice needed to be made to please God. He told his wife and four minor children that the sacrifice would have to be either himself, his 6-year-old son or the family dog. His wife and children became alarmed and attempted to flee the house but Thompson would not let them go. To the horror of his family he grabbed the family’s white poodle and snapped the dog’s neck. He then put the dog on the barbecue grill as the family watched in terror. At some point the family was able to get out of the house and called police. Responding officers placed Thompson in handcuffs and had to call the fire department because the flames from the grill were growing out of control. When the fire was put out, police saw the charred remains of the dog and its collar in the grill. His wife of 21 years told police that she wanted to press charges against her husband for his actions.

Thompson now faces charges of animal cruelty, along with assault and threatening charges. He is being held at the Maricopa County Jail and his bail has been set at $20,000.

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