Lamar Odom’s friends desperate to save him

Photo credit: Lamar Odom’s Instagram (@lamarodom)
Photo credit: Instagram – @lamarodom

Lamar Odom’s sobriety has been a hot topic for months ever since he was photographed recently drinking in public. Now that his sobriety is in question, reports have been flying that Odom’s family and even his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, have been trying desperately to get him into rehab. But now reports are claiming that his friends have entered the fray and are trying desperately to save him from his addiction issues.

As fans know, Odom nearly died when he suffered a drug overdose at a Nevada brothel last October. Miraculously, Odom survived the ordeal and has been swiftly recuperating from all of his injuries. The former NBA star even claimed in recent months that he wants to stage an NBA comeback and friends have even pledged to help him do so.

However, Odom’s new lease on life seemed to be threatened back in March when he was was originally caught drinking when he was spotted out with friends at Sherman Oaks, California, bar Johnny O’Brien’s just hours before he went to Easter church service with Khloe.

Odom was photographed drinking again earlier this month at a bar at the Beverly Center mall in California. Odom reportedly ordered Cognac and dropped $60 on drinks before leaving the bar.

Now, according to new media reports, sources say that Odom’s drinking is progressively getting worse.

“Lamar is drinking in public and at home too,” the source said. “Since the Vegas overdose, Lamar’s mental faculties have been really messed up. It seems like he doesn’t even understand that he can’t drink or do drugs again. It’s like he forgot how close he was to death, and just thinks everything is fine again. But it isn’t, and everyone is really scared about him.”

The source claims that things have gotten so bad that Odom’s friends stay with him in order to try to keep him from going overboard with his drinking.

“Lamar is mentally unstable. He doesn’t know what he is doing,” the source claimed. “Lamar’s guys stay with him at all times to make sure that he doesn’t go overboard. But he just doesn’t listen.”

The source says that part of the problem for Odom is his worry over Khloe leaving him. As previously reported, Khloe called off her divorce from Odom after he nearly died last year and she pledged to remain by his side through the long months it took him to recover from his overdose. However, reports have claimed that Khloe is heartbroken and frustrated by Odom’s refusal to seek proper treatment for his addiction issues.

“Lamar has no idea where he stands with Khloe. Everything is up in the air for him,” the source said.

However, Odom’s friends haven’t given up hope yet and they’re hoping they can help him save his life before it’s too late.

“Lamar’s friends and business associates know he’s a mess right now. They want him to go to rehab before it is too late. But he just won’t listen,” the source said. “Everyone is worried about him. They’re afraid he will do drugs or drink too much and that will really kill him. But he just won’t listen right now.”

Well, clearly something is going on with Odom’s sobriety and we’re hoping that he can pull through and focus on living healthy and clean.

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