Miyoshia Bailey remembers son who was murdered in Chicago

Miyoshia Bailey holding a picture of her son Cortez “Poppie” Bailey – Photo courtesy of family

A mother’s love is unmatched. The bond between mother and child is one nurtured from conception through birth and never ends. These bonds are being affected every day in Chicago and mothers are left to fend for themselves with emotions that most of us will never have to deal with. This emotion is being shared for a purpose, these mothers need to be heard. What does it mean to take someone’s child? Who is being affected? Taking one life effects many. We spoke with Miyoshia Bailey, a member of the Sisterhood, about her son, Cortez “Poppie” Bailey, who was killed in Chicago. Experience her thoughts.

My only son’s name is Cortez “Poppie” Bailey. He was executed on the street in broad daylight June 26, 2013, while others looked on. His murder is unsolved as of today. Cortez is forever 23.

My son was a laid-back young man; he was very funny and had the brightest smile ever. He would not be surprised at the energy I give to his life. He loved his family and knew that we loved him. He didn’t always make the best decisions, but that’s the glory of living and learning. My son won’t get that chance because someone made a conscious decision to end his life. My son grew up in the area that he was killed in. He is greatly missed by his family; we suffer a great loss.

People don’t understand that this is a journey that could never be explained or walked for us. It’s such an overwhelming journey and my son’s death has forever changed my outlook and my thoughts. I say to people that haven’t lost a child, don’t ever try and wear my shoes. Let me do the walking on this because this is not a journey that I would like to share. 

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