Waffle House fight may cost Juvenile more than he thought

Photo Credit: Juveline's Instagram (@juviethegreat)
Photo Credit: Juveline’s Instagram (@juviethegreat)

Juvenile found himself in an embarrassing and shocking situation this weekend when it was revealed that he was involved in a fight at a Waffle House restaurant. Although the rapper wasn’t arrested, new reports reveal that Juvie may be facing a lawsuit over the incident.

As previously reported, the incident happened last Friday night in a South Carolina Waffle House when the former Cash Money Records hit maker and his crew were entering the famous chain restaurant and a fellow customer yelled out “Juvenile here, here come all the h-s now.”

Eyewitnesses say that Juvie was irate over the comment because his wife, Shadonna Jones, was with him and he ended up arguing with the man. Some of Juvie’s friends tried to diffuse the situation, but the rapper ended up fighting the man and some of his friends jumped in to beat the man too before the fight was broken up.

The police reportedly didn’t show up to the scene until an hour later and by that time no one was there to make an official complaint, so there reportedly is no official report of the fight.

Well, according to media reports, the man, who is refusing to give out his name, recently spoke to the press and explained that he won’t press charges against Juvenile because he’s a big fan of his music. But it looks like the man is a big fan of Juvie’s money too because he says he’s hired an attorney and plans to demand that Juvie pay him or he’ll face legal consequences.

The man says that he suffered injuries because of the fight, including lacerations to his face, and injured ribs and kidneys.

For now, Juvie hasn’t commented or publicly responded to the man’s legal threats, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s lawyering up right now as well and preparing for a legal battle.

Well, this just goes to show that celebs always have more to lose when it comes to unnecessary confrontations.

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