Mike Epps gushes over 4 daughters

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Funnyman Mike Epps gushes over his beautiful family.

When it comes to his four daughters (Madison, 9, Moriah, 11, Makayla, 16, and Bria, 23), the proud papa tells People, “They’re all No. 1 in my eyes … They’re all really good girls and really, really smart. I’ve been blessed.”

The 45-year-old actor, who stars in ABC’s new sitcom “Uncle Buck,” went on to reveal how having daughters has influenced every aspect of his life — including his choice in music. “Being a man and really a fan of hip hop, I grew up in the era where there were parts of hip hop that was degrading towards women,” he explains. “Some of my favorite songs! Sir Mix-A-Lot‘s ‘Big Butts.’ ”

He continued, “And then when I started having daughters, I was like, ‘Well I’ve got to change my music menu.’ When you have girls, you see your mother, you see your grandmother, and you see your auntie. All my daughters look like my great ones, my loved ones, my older one, my influences.”

Like many fathers raising young women, while Epps is thankful for his leading ladies, he revealed he feels he missed out on the joy of having a son. “I wish I had a son,” said Epps. “My mother had eight sons and one girl. My mother cried every day. A woman can’t control a little boy that much. You think they can, but it’s like dealing with a little man.” Adding, “I think the gene pool switched up. I had all the girls that she wanted!”

Epps last made headlines in April when his latest film, Meet the Blacks, which critics described as a low-budget spoof of the 2013 horror The Purge, hit theaters nationwide. That same month, he took the stage at Philips Arena in Atlanta as part of The Festival of Laughs tour, where he tackled several topics that have dominated news headlines in recent months, including Bill Cosby’s sex scandal and Katt Williams wrestling with a teenager.

The show, which was hosted by Sommore and featured stand-up performances by comedians Henry Welch, Tommy Davidson, Gary Owen, and Bruce Bruce, went on to hit cities like Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Houston, Texas, and Columbus, Ohio.

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