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Mike Epps apologizes to wife after comments about wanting to treat women right

Mike Epps said he’s done podcasting after his recent comments blew up
Mike Epps
Mike Epps (Photo credit: / Kathy Hutchins)

Mike Epps is a comedian, so many of the things that he says aren’t taken seriously, but at other times he is.

In a recent appearance on the “All The Smoke” podcast, Epps admitted to wanting to do a few things before he dies, and one of them was treating a woman right.

“I used to cry all the time and ask God, what did I do that I can’t have a son,” Epps said. “But I know what it was. I lied to all these women, got them pregnant and sold them dreams.

“One thing I’m going to get right before I leave this Earth, I’m going to learn how to treat a woman 100% right. That’s something that I want to do. For my mother, for my children for my daughters. I’ve never treated a woman right 100 percent, and now that I’m getting older, I’m realizing that you’ve got to treat a woman right.”

Of course social media didn’t let Epps get away with those comments, especially since he’s married.

Epps must have caught wind of the backlash, and he went on Instagram to apologize to his wife, Kyra Epps.

“I wanna apologize to my wife for what I said on this dumb a– podcast s— this s— is a trick bag,” Epps said. “I am always misunderstood on what I say on the internet smh never again will I interview with anyone never I am off this s— for good f— off less.”

Epps then posted a picture of his wife and made another apology.

“Again I wanna apologize to my beautiful wife for ignorant and reckless [comments] I honor you and my family please forgive me,” Epps said.

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