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CEO of Soul Food Entertainment reflects on fatherhood for Father’s Day

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Joe Smith and his beautiful recording artist daughter Brittani Cole sharing a special father-daughter moment (Photo courtesy of Joe Smith)

Soul Food Entertainment’s CEO, Joe Smith, realized at a very young age that he was called to create. The producer and music director of gospel recording artist Dorinda Clark Cole has been in the music industry for over two decades now. He’s worked with notables such as the legendary Grammy Award-winning Clark Sisters and multi-award winning artist/producer Fred Hammond.

One of Smith’s greatest creations is his only daughter, Brittani Cole-Frappier. Brittani is now a successful recording artist and proud papa Joe had the pleasure of writing and producing on his daughter’s debut album for her band, Small Creatures. Smith recently gave his daughter away at her wedding last year, and is extremely grateful to have raised such a successful and productive young lady. Smith believes that the most important thing about being a father is “Knowing your role. The role of a father is monumental in determining the future of that child … good or bad.”

Check out the rest of Joe’s interview below. Read what he had to say about using music to educate Brittani and how he dealt with balancing fatherhood with being a musician.

How have you traditionally spent Father’s Day? 

At church and at dinner.

How do you plan on spending this year’s Father’s Day? 

See above answer. LOL.

What is your prayer for Brittani now that she’s a successful artist in her own right?

I pray for her protection, her happiness, and her wisdom.

In what ways did you use music to educate Brittani? 

My daughter grew up around me playing and her mom singing. So, she’s currently a jazz-soul singer with her husband. But I also taught her the importance of building her character as a person, not just her talent.

How did you use creativity to teach Brittani to express herself when she was younger? 

I led by example. She witnessed my creativity firsthand in the studio and on gigs.

What songs about fatherhood inspire you the most? 

There are songs about fatherhood?  I’m gonna go with “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder.

Have you ever created a song dedicated to Brittani?

Yes, I wrote an instrumental jazz song dedicated to her and affectionately named it “Brittani.”

How do/did you balance touring or late nights in the studio with being there for her when needed? 

To be quite transparent, I didn’t do it well a lot of times. However, once I got the hang of it, she moved to California. So, when she got a little older we really had to work hard to repair our relationship. But we’re good now. I love my baby girl. She’ll always be daddy’s little girl to me.

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Joe and Brittani (Photo courtesy of Joe Smith)