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Woman stabbed on train in Chicago

47th street Redline stop in Chicago where a woman was stabbed to death. - Photo Credit: Eddy "Precise" Lamarre

47th street Redline stop in Chicago where a woman was stabbed to death. (Photo credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre for Steed Media Service)

A woman was stabbed to death on a train on the South Side of Chicago. Police First Deputy Superintendent John Escalante said the stabbing occurred at about 12:35 p.m. at the 47th Street Red Line stop. She was pronounced dead on the scene. There is speculation that the attack was “domestic in nature” according to Deputy Escalante at a brief news conference. 

It has been reported that the individuals were arguing on the train, possibly about a child. “He asked the young lady a question, she said no, and he got up and started stabbing her,” according to Andrea Patterson a witness interviewed by

The man was arrested at the scene of the crime without incident. The attack was witnessed by many passengers. Video of the attack has surfaced on social media and has been shared on numerous platforms. 

The violence does not seem to let up in Chicago. According to statistics 50 people have been shot and killed, 260 shot and wounded with a total of 310 shot. The total homicide number is 53. 

We spoke with LaTrease Purnell and asked her as someone who takes public transportation how she feels after the most recent events. “I’m mortified, not just of the people with ill and heinous intentions, but even more so of lack the of human instinct to help those in need; to protect our women and children. I’m even more terrified and ashamed of those who seek social attention from such a tragedy.” she said.

In January, Mayor Rahm Emanuel appeared with the president of the CTA, Dorval R. Carter Jr., to inform the public that the total number of crimes fell by 25 percent in comparison to the previous year. According to a Chicago Tribune analysis of crimes reported in the city crime database, those numbers did not include crimes at bus stops.