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Tomi Lauren foolishly compares Black Lives Matter to KKK

Tomi Lauren
via @TomiLauren Facebook

Tomi Lauren continues to present herself as a contrarian who will find any reason to oppose left-wing ideas. Most of her rants are baseless and are used to spark controversy. However, Lauren took things too far by comparing Black Lives Matter to the KKK.

Shortly after the police shootings in Dallas, Lauren went to social media to blast Black Lives Matter by comparing the organization to an American terrorist group. “Meet the new KKK, they call themselves ‘Black Lives Matter’ but make no mistake their goals are far from equality,” she posted on Twitter.

When questioned about the ridiculous post on CNN, Lauren responded by saying, ”I’m not a journalist, I’m commentator. I’m allowed to have my feelings and my opinions and I stand behind the things that I say because the thing that hurts people the most is when you’re honest, when you look at something from an honest lens from your perspective and you bring that forth, you are immediately labeled for it and you are immediately criticized.”

It’s apparent that Lauren is an uneducated person who has been given a platform because she’s willing to spew idiotic comments.

The KKK has a long history of lynching and terrorizing Blacks simply due to racism. It’s a terrorist organization that should be outlawed in the United States. The KKK are as lethal as ISIS, but it’s a shame that the U.S. government has yet to eliminate every member at this point.

Black Lives Matter has never created an atmosphere where members of other races should fear for their lives. There is an effort to raise awareness on police brutality, but crime and hate has never been presented as an option.

Lauren will likely continue to spew racism and hate because it allows her to grow an audience of like-minded idiots. However, her hate speech is a dangerous weapon that could cause more violence.

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