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LDI mogul Louis Arriola talks Black Hollywood and TV One

Louis Arriola; Photo Courtesy of Red Carter for LDI Network
Louis Arriola; Photo Courtesy of Red Carter for LDI Network

Telecommunications executive Louis Arriola is poised for silver screen success with several projects on the horizon. The COO of LDI Networks brokers global deals in telecommunications and continues to diversify his portfolio as an executive producer in the TV/film industry. Arriola’s production credits include: Will To Love (2015) TV Film (TV One Networks)l Weekend With the Family (2016) (Feature Film Select AMC Theatres) and Only 4 One Night (2016). 

Read what Arriola has to say.

What prompted you to leave the Marine Corps and launch LDI?
Although the Marine Corps provided me with the education that I needed for my current business, my ambition ultimately outgrew my time in the service. I’ve had many ventures since my initial leap of faith but my current company LDI offers VoIP solutions aimed at offering novel approaches to ensure a better run communication both for large enterprises and small businesses.

How did you transition from a corporate mogul to a film producer?
A business associate of mine introduced me to Chris Stokes in 2015. Our Initial conversation began with Stokes looking for a site location. I realized that it would be a great opportunity to invest and learn the workings of the film industry. My first project developed from my involvement with the film project Will to Love. The movie, which was written and directed by Chris Stokes, starred Keshia Knight Pulliam, Marques Houston, and Draya Michelle. The film Will to Love was released as a straight to DVD project but after the amazing reviews, TV One decided to buy the rights immediately after post production.

Why is it so important for investors to invest in the Black film industry?
This industry is filled with many talented individuals that are not allotted an opportunity to showcase their skills. Investors like myself provide the platform to showcase this young and up-and-coming talent.

In your opinion, did the “Black Oscar Boycott” help or hinder Black Hollywood?
It brought light to an issue that needed to be addressed but in regard to the results of it, only time will tell.

What upcoming projects are you working on that our readers should know about?
I am currently working on a BET premier entitled “Only For One Night” starring Brian White, Karruche Tran, Omar Gooding, and Angelique Pereira. I also have a television show called “Howard High” in post production. As for the company goals, LDI grossed $175,000,000 in sales in 2015 and has projections of nearly doubling that to $300,000,000 in 2016.

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