Tamar Braxton has choice words for ‘The Real’s,’ Loni Love

Photo Credit: Instagram - @tamarbraxtonher
Photo credit: Instagram – @tamarbraxtonher

It was quite the fiasco earlier this year when it was revealed that Tamar Braxton had abruptly been fired from the daytime talk show “The Real” after three seasons as one of the show’s original hosts. Since then, Braxton hasn’t had many positive things to say about the show or her former co-hosts. Now, Braxton has even more to say about the show in response to some recent comments from Loni Love.

According to reports, Love recently appeared on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” and spoke about Braxton’s controversial firing and what fans can expect from the show in the wake of such a major cast change and high-profile drama.

“Let me say this about season three of ‘The Real’… we wanna thank the fans for supporting us. Season three is going to be phenomenal. I know there are a lot of changes that are happening. Warner Bros. is making the decision of what they want to do as far as a co-host. I think it’ll be guest co-hosts,” said Loni.

As fans know, Love has been the most vocal of the remaining “The Real” cast about how the cast was blindsided by Braxton’s firing and Love has also been the most vocally supportive of Braxton. However, Braxton his been notoriously mum or dismissive when it comes to publicly responding to Love or the rest of the cast.

During the interview, Love spoke directly about the firing and asked fans to support her other cast members and to stop attacking them over something they had nothing to do with.

“It’s been a hard summer on them. Send some love because it’s been hard. It’s totally different for all of us because we were such a good unit. Nobody knew about [Tamar getting fired]. It was nobody’s fault. I want the fans to understand that. I think a lot of people are confused about what happened. I wanna make that known — we need to stop. Stop calling me names on the internet. … Since my ex-boyfriend I’ve never been called that many [names]. … I didn’t have anything to do with this. … They’re calling me all kinds of names,” Love said.

Well, after Love’s interview hit the web, Braxton seemed to have some things to get off her chest about “The Real” and yesterday she decided to vent about it on her Twitter page in a series of mostly-deleted tweets.

“No shade. … But don’t believe the hype! I haven’t spoken 2NO ONE.. I’m going back2my friend Toya&support her. Real friends don’t need press,” Braxton said in one tweet, while in another she wrote, “I wish that I would stop being brought up since I was so BAD????.. I’ve NEVER said anything bad nor will I ????”

Braxton spoke briefly about her music career in between writing about “The Real.”

“But what I’m willing 2speak about is this music that I’m singing my face off on &the inspiration that I feel…it’s a real treat. Even 4me,” Braxton wrote.

However, she then went back to giving her opinion on her former show and claimed she wasn’t throwing shade to anyone.

“… But guys this is not shade. It’s just me being honest. I’m sorry for those who took it that way.. My mother is just like me.. It’s hard,” she wrote, before adding, “2pour sugar on the truth????… I’m honestly not trying 2be catty or b offensive 2anyone????…But at the same time the lies & bull has got 2 stop.”

Well, what do you think of Braxton’s and Love’s opinions? Let us know in the comments.

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