Amber Rose on bedroom antics: ‘I’m such a nerd’

Stage 29 Productions / VH1
Stage 29 Productions / VH1

Although considered one of Hollywood’s sexiest vixens, Amber Rose is the epitome of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

On Friday evening, the talk-show host continued her candid conversations on the topic of sex, only this time focusing on adult toys. “I feel like I’m just such a nerd in the bedroom. People really think that I have orgies all day and, like, I do these crazy sex acts,” Rose explained to her guest, Kandi Burruss. “I’m like, ‘I’m really just a normal girl.’ ”

In fact, Rose claims she’s never used a sex toy. “I cannot believe that!” Burruss interjected. “But you know what, I find that some of the people that we think are the biggest freaks or whatever, they are so wack in the bedroom. I think it’s just because you’re outspoken and you don’t mind just being open about your conversations and you’re very sexy, honey.”

Of course, ever since “The Amber Rose Show” was announced, the mother of one made it clear nothing, even NSFW topics would be off limits. “We don’t hold anything back. We have a segment of people asking very sexual questions and we’re just very open on my show,” she previously explained to E! News. “I say what I feel, how I feel, and, like I said before, I’m very sex positive.”

Despite her “normal girl” bedroom antics and long list of high-profile relationships, Rose admitted she still has difficulty finding a man. “Men are so scared of me,” she confessed. “They’re terrified of me. … You know what guys say to me? ‘What can I do for you that you can’t do for yourself?’ And I’m like, ‘If you go to the store and get a $1.50 card and write something nice in it, I would appreciate that.’ ”

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“The Amber Rose Show” airs every Friday night at 11 p.m. EST on VH1. Will you be watching?

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