Kendall Jenner gets candid about Caitlyn Jenner’s transition

Photo Credit: Instagram - @kendalljenner
Photo credit: Instagram – @kendalljenner

Out of all of the famous Kardashian and Jenner sisters, Kendall Jenner is arguably the most low key of them all, preferring to focus on her fashion career instead of keeping her name or her thoughts in the tabloids. However, Jenner had a lot to say in her latest cover feature for Vogue and she even spoke about her honest opinion about her parent’s transition from Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner.

In the new article, Jenner explains that she knew since she was a child that her father had a secret life that he was hiding and she often wondered exactly what was going on with Caitlyn.

“My whole life we would, like, catch her, and we would be like, ‘What is going on here? I think we know, but do we?’ ” she said. “At one point, Kylie and I thought he was cheating on my mom, because he had makeup and nail polish.”

Jenner then shared stories about her parent dressing up as a woman at home and how he unsuccessfully tried to hide his female identity from his family.

“[He would] wake up earlier just so she could dress up and move around the house and get that little kick for the morning, and then go back to being Bruce.”

Jenner then recalled the time that she caught Caitlyn in full women’s wear one night.

“As I was coming back out, my dad was coming down the stairs in, like, a wig and makeup and shoes — the full nine,” she said. “And she didn’t see me. I literally froze. Please don’t turn left. Because she could either turn left or right. Thank God she turned right and — to this day! — has no idea that happened. That was the first time I had ever seen her.”

Jenner also spoke about her mother, Kris Jenner, who was adamant last year that she was blindsided by Caitlyn’s transition and ended up feuding with her former spouse publicly over who was to blame for their marriage falling apart. However, Jenner claims that her mother knew about Caitlyn’s trans identity since they first began dating.

“My mom knew. She knew since their third date,” she said.

Although Jenner says that she’s adjusted to Caitlyn’s transition and that it’s “super normal” to her now, she does admit that she does get emotional sometimes when she looks at old photos of her and Caitlyn.

“You have to get past it ― you’ve got a new person to love. It’s kind of a blessing in disguise — if that’s not the wrong way to say it,” Jenner said.

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