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Shade fest? Moniece Slaughter slams Ray J’s marriage

Photo Credit: Moniece Slaughter's Instagram (@moniece_slaughter)

Photo credit:  Instagram – @moniece_slaughter

Ray J and his longtime girlfriend Princess Love just tied the knot last week in front of their family and closest friends, as well as some of their “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” cast mates. And though the young couple have been getting kudos and congratulations from most of their cast mates, one cast mate in particular, Moniece Slaughter, has made it a point to throw shade at their marriage and even say when they’re going to divorce.

According to media reports, Slaughter was recently asked by paparazzi to speak about the wedding and Slaughter immediately began throwing shade when she was asked about being invited.

“Absolutely not and if I was invited, I wouldn’t have shown up anyway,” Slaughter said.

Slaughter’s BFF and former “LAHH” cast mate Milan Christopher was standing next to her during the interview and asked her if she thinks that Ray will remain faithful to Princess.

“Absolutely not,” Slaughter replied before they both burst into laughter.

“I think he’ll try but people are who they are,” she added.

Christopher then asked Slaughter if Ray is a “w—e” or perhaps a dog and Slaughter responded, “I mean, if the shoe fits, wear it. Woof woof.”

The cameraman then asked Slaughter how long she thinks Ray and Princess’ marriage will last, to which she replied, “I give them two years tops. Two years and a baby.”

Both Christopher and Slaughter agreed that the couple’s baby would be cute, but Slaughter then slammed Princess’s new look.

“Princess lost a lot of weight, she looks like a fish now,” Slaughter said, “she looks sunken in.”

Finally, when asked if Ray and Princess will end up divorcing like most couples, Slaughter replied with, “Who cares?”

Well, that was definitely some major shade from both Slaughter and Christopher.

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