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Glenn Murray offers a unique way to experience wine

Photo Credit: Ven Sherrod Photography
Photo credit: Ven Sherrod Photography

Glenn Murray has leveraged all he learned in corporate America and is using it to fuel his entrepreneurial endeavors. He founded 220 Communications, a growing company with divisions in marketing, publishing, music and social awareness.

Murray has created promotional campaigns for the arts, independent films, music, and networking and themed events, and entertainment products. He has successfully transferred the principles of direct marketing to the social media arena. Over the years, 220 Communications’ marketing has expanded to include promotions and partnerships in Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Memphis, Tennessee.

Glenn Murray’s latest venture is the wildly popular Wine Crawl Chicago and yacht party.

Read what he has to say.

What inspired you to start 220 Communications?
I had been working with my family’s art business helping them to market in the Chicago area and then branched off into representing visual artists and photographers. It was at that time I was approached by a local center to create once monthly programming around the arts. I had amassed a number of talented singers, writers and artists and decided to continue to create programming and opportunities for them. This led to several events around the arts and eventually the creation of our publishing division.

It takes a special kind of person to be an entrepreneur. Why did you choose to become one?
I liked the thrill of creating new business opportunities and seeing something grow from nothing. That’s the biggest rush — to be behind the development and eventual launch of an idea.

If we were meeting for the first time, what would be your elevator pitch regarding your organization?
220 Communications is a diverse company made up of divisions in publishing, marketing, consulting and unique events and experiences.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Hopefully, wildly successful. Seriously, I’d like to see our Wine Crawl Experience spread across several major markets, our publishing division going to another level and the company moving forward in developing content in other areas.

What role does technology play in your business?
Lots — as our whole team is virtual. We look for the latest in project management tools as well as in social media analytics.

How do you utilize social media?
We leverage social media to help build our audience, spread the word about our releases and clients, as well as drive traffic. Our latest round of summer wine crawls saw nearly five million hits on social media. All organic.

What is your vision for your company?
To create a media company that continues to create content — books, music, film, etc. — and continues to introduce new talent that would have gone undiscovered had we not taken the chance.

Who is your target audience or consumer?
Everyone who reads a book, likes wine, and wants to experience [something] different. … It’s a wide net and we like it that way.

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