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Atlanta woman target of retaliation, gets evicted after exposé

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This past spring, Caroline B. thought she was the target of burglars. She did what any single female who lives alone would do. She called the police. Yikes! It took them an hour to gain access into her apartment complex.

In an interview with Channel 2’s Tom Jones, the northeast Atlanta resident says her apartment community’s gate kept police out. The police had the wrong gate code and the apartment managers refuse to take responsibility for it.

Ms. B’s contact with the media has made her the target of retaliation. The leasing managers at the Townhouse Atlanta, a Greystar property, have asked to pack her things and leave or face a humiliating eviction. Ms. B has been a tenant for 19 years and has never been late or missed a rent payment.

The attorneys representing the Townhouse Atlanta would consider allowing Ms. B to stay until December 31, 2016 only if she won’t file a lawsuit and agrees to the terms below:

1) she signs a confidentiality provision.

2) she stops contacting any form of media.

3) she ceases all communications with management and the owner, whether written or oral, except in the case of a legitimate maintenance emergency. This is a big one as she continues to email both Greystar and the owner corporate office. This needs to stop immediately. She needs to stop contacting them about the vehicle gate and about these negotiations.

4) she removes ALL negative reviews from any website which offers any form of review or ratings of apartments and refrains from posting anything further.

5) she continues to pay rent through Dec. 31, 2016.

6) she understands that the termination date cannot and will not be extended under any circumstances.

7) if she goes to the media, contacts corporate of Greystar or the owner, or makes negative reviews, her lease will be subject to immediate termination.

Ms. B is under much duress. She is according to her attorney “traumatized.”