Blac Chyna reveals whether she’ll have Kardashians in her wedding

Photo Credit: Instagram - @blacchyna
Photo Credit: Instagram – @blacchyna

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s upcoming wedding is arguably the most highly-anticipated celebrity wedding in entertainment. That is no doubt due in part to the on-again, off-again drama between Chyna and her future in-laws, the Kardashians. Although they’ve had their ups and downs over the past year, Chyna recently opened up about her wedding plans and revealed she’d like to involve the famous Kardashian women in her wedding.

Chyna and Rob, who became engaged earlier this year, recently discussed the topic in a radio interview this week. Chyna revealed she really hasn’t had time to focus on her wedding, because most of her attention is on her pregnancy with Kardashian’s first child.

“We have a date picked out,” Chyna said. “I obviously wanted to do it when I wasn’t pregnant so we could turn up! We haven’t started planning the wedding yet. We’re just doing one step at a time like first the baby and having these things come first, and then I feel like the wedding will follow after. I feel like the baby is more important right at this moment.”

Chyna and Kardashian were both asked who they want to have in their wedding party and Kardashian explained that he’s struggling to pick out groomsmen because he has “no friends and the guys in his family keep disappearing, but Kanye.”

Although Kardashian’s circle of friends seems dismal and somber, Chyna seems to have a number of women to choose from to be her bridesmaids and she even claimed that some of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters will “for sure” be a part of her “big wedding.”

Chyna also spoke about her relationship with the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and explained that they are in a good place now despite their shady past of online beefing.

“I sat down and I talked to all of the sisters, too. Everybody’s in a good place, everything’s like positive, and we’re just really all excited for like the newest addition,” Chyna said.

Well, we’re glad that Chyna and Kardashian are working to bring their families together. We just hope they don’t let any pettiness ruin the peace.

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