Mindfulness and money: How meditation helped V. Taybron make more money

meditation and business
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Without a doubt, meditation has become a hot topic in the last few years. Now more than ever, people are searching for answers within, digging deep to understand their true power. What we’re learning is that we are much more active in creating our lives than we’ve previously believed.

In our parents’ generation, many relied on religion and prayer to prosper. Whereas, millennials (mainly) have come to the conclusion that we are in fact in control of our circumstances. From finances to friends, our choices and beliefs shape our experiences. If this is true, there must be ways that entrepreneurs can use meditation and mindfulness to enhance their business and make more money, right?

As I searched for the answer, I knew I had to sit with someone who had extensive experience with meditation, so I called V. Taybron. Taybron is the creator of VNiverseGalaxy.com where she offers downloadable meditation resources for people who live busy lives but want to create healthier habits.

Here’s what she had to say about the relationship between mindfulness and money.

Mindfulness is a term we hear often but sometimes we have a hard time grasping the concept. How would you define it?

Mindfulness is awareness. It is to be both conscious and present. At times we are distracted. Standing in a room full of people we can get lost because we aren’t fully present. When we are present we are aware of ourselves, the way we feel, what we think, while also maintaining consciousness of those around us in whom we are sharing experiences with.

How did you discover meditation?

Every once in awhile in life drops us flat on the floor. This could be a loss of a loved one, a breakup, financial setback, and much more. For me, those experiences were my best teachers. Although they were painful it caused me to seek healing. Pain is just an indicator that we are a little off track and need to get back in realignment. A better life for myself is something that I wanted. I was tired of being sad. Have you ever been miserable for more than one day? It’s a really big job to be miserable. It takes commitment. I decided to break the contract of misery in my life. While laying in bed having my regularly scheduled pity party I said to myself, “V. get yourself together and be happy.” The problem is, I didn’t exactly know how but I knew for every problem there was a solution. I believed in the power of prayer so I wrote a little note to God asking him to show me how to be happy. That’s when I discovered meditation. I remember getting on Google typing in things like happiness and reading articles about people who were happy. They all talked about prayer, meditation, and faith. I looked at images that would invoke feelings of happiness in me. I started meditating and it began to soften my heart but strengthen my mind. People began to respond to me differently. I would walk through the grocery store and people would just start smiling at me or chatting. That still happens to me everywhere I go. People just feel comfortable and I know its due to me making the growth of my spirit the most important part of my life by utilizing meditation and prayer.

How has your business grown through meditation and mindfulness?

My business has grown enormously. I didn’t realize how simple it was. The more we grow internally, the more successful we are in every area of our lives. You want money? Grow. You want love? Grow. You want happiness? Grow. Life isn’t this monster hiding in the closet that’s waiting to get us. It’s easy if we go back to the basics. You are only as successful externally as you are internally. We have to be willing to grow. What does that have to do with your business? Everything! Meditation forces you to get to know yourself. It’s just you and God. You are faced with yourself. In that silence, you discover who you are and what needs to change. When I decided to forgive and let go I saw an immediate growth spurt in my business. I call it the “wishing well” and we can do this exercise together right now. Take a second and think about the circumstance or person in life that has hurt you the most. What types of feelings does that bring up? Sadness, anger, doubt? It is different for each person. If you want to see growth in your business forgive them and let it go. If you want to be a rockstar in your business then wish them well and be happy for that person. If you can truly let it go and have the ability to wish those well who have harmed your life will feel magical for you. When we practice the arts of mindfulness and letting go we have room for more happiness, love, new ideas, and lots of money! What you don’t handle in the past has a way of showing up in your future. Give your future business idea, love relationship, and career a better chance by letting go. The good stuff can’t come to us if we are holding onto all of this other junk.

What types of resources do you offer or recommend for entrepreneurs who want to add meditation to their routine?

Just start. When people say they can’t meditate most times it’s the discomfort of sitting in silence. If silence is something new for you, it’s OK. Just set a timer and start with five minutes. Focus on your breathing. Deep breaths in and out. If thoughts come in (as they always do.) It’s okay just let it pass. The resources I offer are one-on-one meditation, small groups, offices, conference calls, and even online sessions. The website also has some easy to follow downloadable resources. Many people schedule sessions to focus on reprogramming their minds. Meditation and mindfulness increase all areas of our lives. You can log onto VNiverseGalaxy.com to access those resources.

In part 2, we’re sharing practical, yet simple tips that you can incorporate into your routine to start making more money right away.

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