Bill Clinton’s alleged love child threatens lawsuit

Danny Williams (Photo Credit: Facebook/Danny Williams )
Danny Williams (Photo Credit: Facebook/Danny Williams )

Imagine that every day you look in the mirror, you see the face of your absentee father. For Danny Williams, this is his despair. Williams’ mother was a prostitute who became pregnant after having sex with her only White customer. According to Williams and his family, that customer was Bill Clinton.

Born March 8, 1989, as a child, he remembers growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas and people pointing at him saying, “That’s Bill’s son.” His mother fell deeper into drug addiction and was eventually jailed and the family fell apart. Williams stated that his aunt even snuck past the gates of the Arkansas Governor’s mansion in an attempt to confront Clinton and make him aware that his son needed support. She was met by a woman who slammed the door in his face and was chased off the grounds by two men. Months later the family started receiving $700 a month anonymously. Williams recounts on one Christmas, Arkansas state troopers delivered gifts to the family. All of this changed when Clinton became President. Williams stated the money stopped and he was placed in foster care and in multiple group homes with his two siblings. In the 11th grade, he took a full-time job at a doughnut shop to support his siblings.

In 1999, a DNA test was done using a sample of Clinton’s semen from the dress of Monica Lewinsky during the Clinton impeachment hearings. Kenneth Starr, the special prosecutor at the time, was presiding over the Lewinsky case. His report was explosive and gave graphic details of Clinton receiving oral sex and allegedly inserting a cigar into Lewinsky’s vagina that he would later smoke. Clinton famously stated, “I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.” He would later state he did not consider oral sex, like intercourse. The DNA test from that sample showed that Clinton could not be Williams’ father, a result which Williams has disputed. Williams insists, “This is false. In fact, the test proved to be inconclusive because the Starr report did not contain the necessary data to reach such a conclusion. The Starr report only included the results of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) that the FBI used to determine whether Clinton’s DNA matched Ms. Lewinsky’s dress. In fact, this is not enough data to determine if Bill Clinton is my father or not. FBI lab’s test refraction fragmented length polymorphism (RFLP) would also be required to make this determination. The PCR test alone would not be enough to legally prove or disprove paternity.”

Danny Williams (Photo Credit: Facebook/Danny Williams )
Danny Williams (Photo Credit: Facebook/Danny Williams )

Williams was an invited guest of Donald Trump at the last presidential debate. He is demanding that Bill Clinton submit DNA for testing or he will file a lawsuit forcing him to comply. The Clintons have refused to respond to these demands or rumors. He currently has a video on YouTube that explains his story and has millions of views. In it, he compares his situation to the illegitimate children of slave owners. When the White slave master would rape Black women, the offspring was often shunned by the father and his wife.

Some, however, state that Williams is a conman, who just bears a striking resemblance to Bill Clinton. Because of Clinton’s sexual escapades. William’s story was something that the Trump campaign sought to capitalize on. It implies that Bill Clinton at the start of his climb to political power was secretly hooking up with a drug addicted Black prostitute on a regular basis.

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