Home for the holidays: 5 quick business to-do’s before leaving the office

Photo credit: AlexMaster / Shutterstock.com
Photo credit: AlexMaster / Shutterstock.com

The holidays are near, and it’s no secret that most businesses will be operating at a slower work pace than usual. This season is typically a time for traveling, relaxation and procrastination … which means most office spaces start to look more like a parking lot after five. With your holiday list packed, and your excitement and stress level at a tie, here are some “Out Of Office” quick tips all businesses should follow before running out the door:


The hassle of following up with clients can be overwhelming, to say the least. Most businesses operate on supply and demand, but when a company is awaiting a response- both the demand and supply of your business can suffer. In order to leave your office space with less of a worry, go ahead and follow up on emails that are awaiting confirmation.

Specify the exact dates of your absence

Let your clients know about your absence. Sending the general automatic “out the office” reply is better than having the conversation reach a dead end. By specifying dates, that will give those who are trying to reach you an idea of when to get back to you.

Warn your colleagues

This tip is best for those who work in offices with others. Now, there’s no need to share every detail of your break, but it would be suitable to warn those who work you when you plan on leaving. Letting your colleagues know of your absence is another way of letting them know you’ll be away from work, without telling them all your holiday plans.

Keep it short and simple

In reference to point three — although it’s no problem in sharing your absence and letting those such as your boss or manager know you won’t be in full operation, don’t feel the need to share everything. Keep it short. No need to share your travel details. Over explaining or apologizing for going on Thanksgiving break is not necessary.

Commit to finishing your work

There’s nothing more stressful than coming back from a weekend of fun and realizing your work has multiplied … now imagine coming back from the holidays. Organization and determination will put you ahead and ready for your break. With commitment to your work being a tip, make sure you don’t multitask. That’s right, according to Huffington Post, research shows multitasking is considered to make us less efficient instead of more. If you focus on one project at a time, you can regain an extra hour.

Whether traveling, or just relaxing this holiday, make sure your business isn’t on a hiatus with you. By following these simple tips, the aftermath of your holiday break will be a smooth one.

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