Tammy Rivera opens up about getting to know her biological father

Photo Credit: Instagram - @charliesangelll
Photo Credit: Instagram – @charliesangelll

While most of the internet has been buzzing about Tammy Rivera over her comments about women staying with their cheating husbands, the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star has been focused on her personal life, including a major reunion with her biological father. And now the reality star is opening up about building a relationship with her dad.

In a recent Instagram post, Rivera explained that she grew up without her father, Oscar Rivera, around because he was serving timei n prison. However, she says that last year she finally began to get to know her father for the first time in her life and she posted a screenshot of a heartfelt message that her father wrote about her.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @charliesangelll

“It’s been a lil over a year now that I’ve been getting to know my father for the first time in my life! Never knew that this man loved me sooo much, even tho all my life my mother and other family would tell me how much he loved me and how I was his only child,” Rivera wrote in the caption of her post.

Rivera also wrote that throughout her life her father believed that she resented him for not being at home but she explains to her followers that she always loved him and always planned to take care of him once he’s released from prison.

“For 30 years he sat in prison thinking I hated him or was angry at him,,.. and for 30 years all I thought was when I get in position Ima make sure he wants for nothing in there and that he has the best lawyers.. well now that time as came… #MoneyOnHisBooksEveryMonth like clock work #FREEOSCARRIVERA Just thought I’d share a piece of me with you,” Rivera wrote.

Well, this is definitely a heartwarming post and a stark contrast from the drama that Rivera’s usually in the news for.

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