Atlanta cop charged after home invasion rampage

Phillip Barresi (Photo Source: Henry County Jail)
Phillip Barresi (Photo Source: Henry County Jail)

A city of Atlanta police officer has been charged after a bizarre domestic violence incident. Officer Phillip Barresi was in a heated breakup with his ex-fiancée when he decided to drive to her home in the city of Locust Grove, Georgia, from Jonesboro, Georgia. Barresi was in full uniform and carrying his service weapon when he arrived at the home. A male witness stated he heard the doorbell being rung constantly and the door was kicked four times and then Barresi busted into the home and terrorized his ex-fiancée and her family.

According to the family, Barresi reached for his weapon and they called the police and he ran out the door and screamed “F— da police!” Detectives later questioned Barresi regarding the incident and he stated that he “accidently kicked the door open” and told detectives he “regretted his actions” but was “extremely upset” because his ex had broken into his home first. Detectives asked if he had filed a report on his apartment being broken into by his fiancée and stated that he didn’t want to get the police involved. His former fiancée denies she broke into Barresi’s apartment and stated she was just retrieving personal items and baby clothing.

Barresi was arrested this week on charges of home invasion for the incident that occurred last month. He posted a $15K bail on Tuesday and was released from the Henry County Jail.

Barresi is a rookie officer and has only been with the Atlanta Police Department since March 2016. Barresi has been placed on administrative leave until the investigation is resolved.

Neighbors in the area described a frightening scene that indicated Barresi knew exactly what he was doing. One neighbor stated the fact that he committed his crime while wearing a police uniform was especially wrong and gave the appearance that he was above the law.

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