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Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started.

At first, I wasn’t even into music like that I was more into sports. I was playing football, and at the time that was my main focus. One day, I went to the studio with my dad and I recorded my first song. After I listened to it,  I was like “OK, all right, I think I can make some music.” I started going to the studio more, making more hits, and taking my career more serious[ly].

Recently, you were featured on XXL magazine, how did that make you feel?

I remember my phone was blowing up, but my phone screen was shattered so I didn’t know anything about it at first. My girlfriend called me and was like “You’re on XXL! They said you sound like an aggressive Dej Loaf.” I was like, “what?” It was pretty exciting because I thought everybody was sleeping on me, I just don’t ever get too comfortable with this stuff and keep it moving.

What’s it like being a rapper out of Broward County, Florida?

Making it out of Pompano is the number one goal, growing up there is tough but not tough. People die, but people die everywhere. It’s rough living wise, it’s just the ‘hood there’s no good part. Broward County, in general, is just great, so it’s nice that were getting that exposure because there’s a lot of hidden talent. People are really starting to see where we’re coming from; I’ve been waiting on this.

Your song “Paper Soldiers” with Kodak Black is very popular. Would you say that’s one of the songs that really put you out there? How was that process?

That song really got my buzz going. At the time I was making music, but when I dropped “Paper Soldiers” that’s when my fan base started to grow. Then I came out with a song called “I Want You,” and that’s when I got the female fan base. Then from there, I just tried to keep it pushing.

What are your plans for moving forward with your career?

Well, as of right now,  I’m in a really bad contract with 80s Nation. I’ll be getting out of my contract soon and I’m just going to be releasing a lot of projects. I got the music, I just need the visuals. Once I get the visuals, I’m gonna put everything everywhere.

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