Find out who inspired Lamar Odom to go to rehab

Photo Credit: Lamar Odom’s Instagram (@lamarodom)
Photo credit: Instagram – @lamarodom

Lamar Odom’s decision to go to rehab for his long-standing issues with drugs has had the whole world talking about the former NBA star. And although many assume that it was Odom’s near-death overdose in 2015 and the dissolution of his marriage to Khloe Kardashian that inspired him to go to rehab, new reports claim that it was actually a childhood friend who inspired Odom to seek the help he needs.

As previously reported, Odom announced his decision to check himself into a San Diego, California, drug rehab facility this past week, around the time of the birthday of his deceased son, Jayden, who was born Dec. 15, 2005, but died the following June from SIDS.

“He has decided it is best he take time to focus on himself. He is dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle and being the best father he can be to his children. Lamar asks that the public please respect his privacy at this time and truly appreciates the love and support of his family, friends and fans. He will talk about his journey in January on ‘The Doctors,'” Odom’s rep said.

According to a new report, the reason that Odom made the decision to go to rehab was because of a life-changing visit to Delaware where he visited his childhood friend, William Gregory, who is currently incarcerated and serving a 26-year prison sentence for attempted murder.

Sources say that Odom and Gregory spoke for 45 minutes and discussed everything from Odom’s divorce from Kardashian to his long gone NBA career to his struggles to find and maintain a genuine support system to lean on during these touch times.

Sources say that Gregory has become very religious while in prison and spoke to Odom about the power of redemption and how he can find that for himself as long as he gets clean.

Gregory’s words reportedly stuck with Odom and he mulled over the decision to enter rehab for some time before finally conceding to the idea. Sources previously revealed that Odom feared he’d go on a drug bender to cope with the birthday of his deceased son.

Whatever the reason may be, we’re glad that Odom is finally seeking help and we hope he turns his life around.


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