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KKK member sentenced to 30 years in jail for plotting to kill President Obama


A KKK member will spend the next 30 years of his life behind bars for plotting to kill the president. According to the Associated Press, Glendon Scott Crawford, 52, attempted to build a device to kill President Barack Obama and Muslim Americans.

Crawford, along with Eric Feight, worked on creating a device called the “death ray” that would kill through the use of radiation. Their plan was to kill the president because they believed he and the government favored Muslims. They wanted to “take their country back from the government.” In a sense, it mirrors Donald Trump’s political slogan, “Make America Great Again.” There is a segment of Whites who believe that minorities have threatened their way of life and are willing to do anything to spew hate and racism.

Crawford, an industrial engineer at General Electric Co., did extensive research to discover how to create devices that can disperse radiation.

FBI agents were able to record Crawford’s conversations without his knowledge and also discovered that he planned on using his device on a Mosque near his hometown of Albany, New York.

Once he was arrested in 2015, he was initially facing life in prison. However, he was handed a sentence of 30 years in prison by U.S. District Judge Gary Sharpe. Crawford’s co-conspirator, Feight, only received eight years in prison after taking a plea deal.

Crawford was the first person convicted under the Dirty Bomb Prevention Act, a law that was passed recently to combat terrorist attacks.

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