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Bishop Eddie Long’s daughter opens up about his death

Photo credit: Instagram – @yastaylor_

Photo credit: Instagram – @yastaylor_

Many gospel fans have been in mourning since it was announced that Bishop Eddie Long died yesterday on Sunday, Jan 15. Since then, Long’s widow, first lady Elder Vanessa Long, released a statement about her late husband and now their daughter, Taylor Long, has opened up about the death of her father as well.

Taylor broke her silence yesterday when she posted a photo on Instagram of a tattoo she has on the back of her neck of her father’s name. Taylor explains that she got the tattoo years ago and wanted to show it off in honor of her love for her late father.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @yastaylor_

Photo credit: Instagram – @yastaylor_

“tatted on me but this s— is deeper than the surface ❤️ (this tattoo is 5 years old & this picture was posted before my dad passed away)” Taylor captioned the photo.

Shortly afterward, Taylor posted a photo of her standing alongside her father and captioned it with a lengthy message explaining how proud she is that Long was a perfect and loving father to her. She also explained that she’s proud of the fight he put up against cancer.

Photo credit: Instagram – @yastaylor_

Photo credit: Instagram – @yastaylor_

“I love you Dad. Thank you for being perfect. I cherish every moment i’ve shared w/ you even up to your last breath. I don’t blame God for wanting you back, i would too. everything i do is for you, it’s been my honor to be your daughter,” Taylor wrote in part.

Our condolences go out to Taylor and the rest of the Long family during this trying time.

What do you think of Taylor’s touching messages about her father? Let us know in the comments.


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