Tech expert Stephanie Humphrey talks passion and success

Tech expert Stephanie Humphrey talks passion and success
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Humphrey

Tech-life expert Stephanie Humphrey merges her passion for lifestyle media with in-depth tech expertise to show everyday people how empowering, enriching and fun technology can be. Humphrey is driven by the sole purpose of connecting people, particularly those underrepresented in technology, with the tech know-how to transform their worlds.

Humphrey is inspired by an innate curiosity to know why things work and an entrepreneurial spirit, which was the spark that started her on her present journey into tech-life media. Her expertise is built upon nearly a decade as a senior systems engineer at Lockheed Martin and engineering degrees from Florida A&M University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Rolling out had the chance to ask the tech expert a few questions about her journey and accomplishments.

What is your favorite affirmation and how has it been a factor in your life?
My favorite affirmation is “Be Fearless” — so much so that I’ve had it printed on my checks. It is truly the mantra by which I live my life. The way I interpret this statement is that while you don’t necessarily have an absence of fear in your life, you simply cannot let it stop you from achieving your goals.

Beyond the scope of your work, what causes do you support and/or participate in?
I am a Big Sister in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization. I believe in the positive impact mentorship can have on a young person, and I try to expose my Little to as many opportunities and experiences as possible.

Finish this sentence: Being agile and having the ability to adapt is …
Being agile and having the ability to adapt is the reason I am where I am today. When I first decided to leave my job as an engineer, I spent some time working to break into entertainment journalism. It was extremely challenging, and when a mentor suggested I use the skills I already had to pursue tech journalism, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to build my brand in a niche that was a better fit. The rest, as they say, is history.

Please describe your professional achievements. What pinnacles of success have you reached?
I can remember at least five years ago, putting a post-it on my desktop computer screen that said, “Nationally Syndicated Television Personality.” I looked at it every day and used it as a reminder to do at least one thing every single day towards that goal. Today, I am the technology contributor to “The Harry Show,” a nationally-syndicated talk show starring Harry Connick, Jr. Time for a new post-it.

You’re obviously passionate about what you do. Finish this sentence: “Without passion…”
Without passion, there is no life, period.

How has “staying the course” been a factor in your personal and professional life?
I wish people understood that perseverance is the key that is going to make them a success. I get asked, “How’d you do it?” all the time, and the only real answer I have for anyone is that I simply worked hard and hung in there. Of course, you must have faith and courage to go along with it and you should know when to pivot if necessary, but at the end of the day, the person who wins is the person who finishes.

Tell us about how building and fostering relationships has been a key factor to your success.
As someone who self-identifies as an introverted extrovert, I have plenty of experience assuming the role of loner when it comes to my journey. However, when I look back on the milestones that moved me to the next level, none of them could have happened without the help of someone I had developed a relationship with at some point along the way. Eventually, we will all need someone for something, and you never know where or when that need will arise. In my opinion, relationships are critical to success. There is a quote I see often: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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