Sierra Harris of Second Canaan Baptist Church has an understanding heart

Photo credit: Daniel Jones
What is your husband’s name?
Frank Harris Jr.
What church do you preside at as the first lady?
Second Canaan Baptist Church
How many years have you held that title?
6 years
Do you preach along with your husband?  
Does it seem like you are a pastor along with him?
What does it mean to be the first lady to you?
To serve the people of God with compassion but most of all understanding because I would like for the people to know that they are at heart. It also means to help alongside my husband and being there to support and lift him up.
What is the most challenging part of being the first lady?
Knowing the sacrifices I have to make, such as not speaking my mind all the time and trying to cover my husband.
What is the best part of being the first lady?
Hearing others say how you have helped change them into a better person or have helped them grow in their spiritual walk and just hearing people say how they look up to you. It lets me know as the first lady/fragrance of the house that I am giving a sweet aroma.
Did you ever think you would become who you are today?
Not at all, I grew up as a PK [preacher’s kid], so I saw things at an early age and I would always say I would never date or marry a preacher or pastor.
How do you balance church and home life?
Not only am I a first lady but I am a mother of a 2-year-old. I am a mother first, and so with that being said, my obligations and responsibilities as a mother is the number one priority, everything else follows behind that.
What is your advice to future first ladies or those who already serving in that capacity?
It takes a strong, praying woman for the role of a first lady, as a first lady you must be prayerful at all times. We must have the heart of understanding and know our roles as the first lady that we are the avenue of help and encouragement to our husband.
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