Lady Trina Davis and The Word for The World Ministries International

Photo Credit: David Dickerson

What is your husband’s name?
I’m married to Joseph Davis Sr.

What church do you preside at as the first lady?
Our church is Word For The World Ministries International.

How many years have you had that title?
We’ve been there for almost 17 years. I was never comfortable with the title “first lady” because, “first” usually means there’s a second and I was not giving the devil no room. I’m the leading lady of the church.

Do you preach along with your husband?
Yes. I do preach. I’ve actually been preaching since 2004.

Does it seem like you are a pastor along with him?
In 2014, I was ordained as the pastor of our church and my husband is the Apostle.

What does it mean to be a first lady to you?
The first lady (leading lady) is the woman of the house. She sets the tone and climate for how the spiritual leader children are to be raised (especially the daughters). The pastor’s wife is the spiritual mother of the sheep and she should live her life as an example of the nurturing, caregiver, she was designed to be.

What is the most challenging part of this role?
The most challenging part of being the leading lady has been watching my husband be ridiculed, under appreciated, hurt, verbally assassinated, (to name a few), while emptying himself out in order to edify the body and mature the saints. Being able to take the pain and pressure for him, was a hard pill to swallow. God had to teach me my role and how to stay in it.

What is the best part?
The best part of being the leading lady is seeing the growth of my spiritual sons and daughters. When one of them “gets it,” it’s rewarding.

Did you ever think you would become who you are today?
I always knew I was going to marry a preacher. He wasn’t a preacher when I met him, but I knew what God told me.

How do you balance church and home life?
The balance between home and church is not always easy because our family is heavily involved in the church. My husband has taught us that the church is God’s bride and I am his; our home is our private sanctuary.

What is your advice to future first ladies or those who already are in the capacity of a first lady?
Advice? Do you! Don’t be an imitation of who you think is “doing it right.” You are uniquely qualified and designed to be the best you, you can be. When people see the authenticity of you, it’s life changing. Know that your life is microscopic, so use your influence to lead others to Christ. Envelope yourself in the things of God and allow him to fashion you into who he wants you to be.

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