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Is Kevin Hart ready for more kids?

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Is Kevin Hart ready to expand his family empire?

“I mean, me and my wife are in an amazing place,” Hart recently told “ET”of being in a good place with his wife, Eniko Parrish. “We’re still newlyweds, we’re still fresh in this marriage so we’re enjoying the new steps in marriage.”

Of course, with money in the bank — an estimated $87.5 million — Hart is certainly financially in a position to have more kids. But, with a full plate including upcoming projects like The Secret Life of Pets 2, a June book tour, a comedy tour slated for 2018 and his new workout initiative, Move With Hart, readying to take the nation by storm, the comedian admits that time is tight.

“It’s about having the patience to deal with another kid,” the father of 12-year-old Heaven and 9-year-old Hendrix, explained. “See, my kids are old enough where I can say, ‘Go do something,’ and they go do something. I gotta make sure I have the patience to follow a baby.”

“That age of the baby is just calling you all the time and that’s a tough age. ‘Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad,’ and then you finally turn around and they go, ‘Look!’ You called me 20 times for that?” Hart continued. “You gotta make sure you’re not at the point you’re not gonna be frustrated, so I’m waiting to get all this work out, and when I got some time to relax, we’ll talk about the family time.”

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In the meantime, the 37-year-old is enjoying watching his kids grow up. “As a dad, it’s everything,” he added. “I mean, you know, I’m over here struggling with my levels of cool now. [Hendrix] is not the little kid anymore. He’s starting to understand how to do things on his own and he’s asking for certain things … It was definitely a proud moment for me to see and realize that he is growing up to be a young version of me.”

As for Parrish, well, “She’s enjoying all this right now,” the Untouchable star added.

Well, that’s that. As long as they’re happy, who cares when and if they decide to have more children? After all, the couple did just say their “I do’s” last August.