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Dude, your girlfriend got your girlfriend: Is #UberBae wrong for revenge?

Bree aka UberBae (Twitter: @Msixelaa)
Bree aka Uber Bae (Twitter: @Msixelaa)

Who says Twitter’s 140-character count limit doesn’t allow you enough space to express yourself? Not @Msixelaa who was blindsided by her man and his other woman and crafted an entire narrative on Twitter for trolls to imbibe. When a wise woman tells you whatever is in the dark will come to light, believe her. Just ask @Msixela who shared a scandalous story of catching her cheating man in a lie on March 27, 2017. She’s garnered the trendy name of Uber Bae after she shared a full recount of how it went down.

An Uber driver, @Msixelaa picks up a woman at the airport, who was in town for a visit with her boyfriend. They chatted it up on the way to dude’s apartment only to find out the passenger’s boyfriend happens to also be @Msixelaa’s boyfriend too.

Puzzled, @Msixelaa, whose name is actually Bree, writes, “My man told me he was going to NY to see his mom. She’s in hospital, he had luggage packed and I stayed with him the night before. We parted ways earlier this morning from his apartment, he got in his car, I got in mine. He drove off like he was going to the airport.”

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