Get ‘Winked’ with Krystle Newman

Photo Cred: Steve White Films
Photo credit: Steve White Films

The beauty industry is a multimillion dollar industry and sometimes a new person decides to cash in on their idea. Krystle Newman, CEO of Winked Eyelashes, did just that. She decided to launch her very own mink eyelash line. Over the course of this interview, we talk with her about what made her open her mink eyelash line and what hardships she experienced as a female entrepreneur.

Can you tell us how you came up with the name Winked Eyelashes and what made you open a mink eyelash company?

Well, it’s actually a funny story of how I came up with the name. One night I was at work and I was flirting with a guy and I winked at him and he told me to come over and talk to him. He complimented me on my eyelashes and he said he thought it was cute how I winked at him and we both laughed but then it hit me like, “wow, I should name my eyelash line winked.” It made so much sense and when I talked to a few people about the name they thought it was perfect! I opened an eyelash company because I’ve always been a fan of eyelashes. You can get your makeup done but your look isn’t complete without a beautiful pair of lashes.

How was the process of getting your mink eyelashes company started?

Getting my eyelash company started wasn’t easy. From picking out a name to deciding on a logo and what kinda box I wanted them to come in all took time and [were] very important decisions.

We see the popularity of mink eyelashes growing, what makes your product different from your competitors?

I’ve noticed that the popularity in mink lashes is growing but what makes Winked Eyelashes different — is the vision and how far I’m going with the brand. Winked isn’t just a mink eyelash line, it will be a huge beauty brand, so the eyelashes are just a start to something big.

Photo credit: Steve White Films

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

I wanted to become an entrepreneur because I’ve always seen myself being the boss and my own boss! I’ve always had so many ideas and I knew all it took was for me to take the first step to make my vision come to life. So now, this is just the start of something I see being one of the biggest beauty brands in the world!

Who are your business influences and why?

My business influences are Angel Brinks, CEO of Angel Brinks Fashions; Lilly Ghalichi, CEO of Lilly lashes; and Mz Skittles, CEO of Cup Cake Mafia. These three ladies really inspire me a lot because they all are very creative and are very consistent with their work. They’re always working, dropping new stuff, bringing their ideas to life, and they’re all very popular business moguls. I want to follow in their footsteps and become a popular business mogul myself.

What’s your plans for the next five years for Winked Eyelashes?

Within the next five years, I wanna expand my business with lots more styles and also expand my business into a big beauty brand by selling more beauty products.

Where do you see yourself in five years as a female entrepreneur? 
The next five years I see myself as one of the biggest female entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. I want my brand to be in most beauty stores and makeup artists from all over using my lashes! I also wanna be that female entrepreneur that inspires others to do what I’ve done plus more.

What type of advice can you give to other women looking to become an entrepreneur?

… All it takes is an idea and you to make things happen! Don’t give up on your idea. Believe in yourself and your dreams.

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