Brii Renee: A woman of many talents

Brii Renee is an entrepreneur, entertainer, and humanitarian, and she is expanding her brand on various platforms. We sat down with Renee to find out how she got her start in radio and what is next for her in the world of entertainment. For all that may not know of you, tell our followers who […]

Branding: Tips to strategically increase your business’ identity

In today’s marketplace, effective brand management is key to growing and maintaining a successful business. But what is brand management, and why is it so important? Brand management is defined as the process of creating a relationship between a product or company and the emotional perceptions of the client in order to build loyalty. Effective […]

Silk Me Kids caters to children’s coils and curls

The hair business is a billion dollar industry but it is also oversaturated. MeMe Kelly, a New Orleans hairstylist, decided to go a different route with her vision and developed a hair care brand strictly for kids. Silk Me Kids hair products, as well as the salon and spa, was born from that passion. From conditioner […]

Contortionist Rachel Fit’s moves have made her a social media sensation

If you don’t know who Rachel Fit is, you haven’t been paying much attention to social media lately. Rachel has been gaining the likes of regular social media lovers as well as celebrities all due to her flexibility. We sat down to find out how her social media brand became so popular. How did you […]

Freelance modeling: Tips to boost your brand

Many aspiring models wonder how to make more money, especially when they are going the freelance route. Given that there are more models available to shoot then there are paid shoots, being able to showcase your value as a model is very important if you want to be selected for the shoot. There are hundreds […]

3 facts to know about business credit

One’s credit score is used to evaluate trustworthiness as a borrower. But here’s a curveball: What do you know about business credit? Whether you’re a business owner or simply dream of striking out on your own one day, read on to find out how business credit differs from personal credit, why it’s important and how […]

Shank Da Rookie isn’t new to rap, but he’s keeping it fresh and Sup’r Cool

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Shank Da Rookie is now making his mark in the entertainment and entrepreneurial worlds out in Los Angeles. After four years in college, he decided that the traditional workweek isn’t for him. A full-time recording artist, he is now focused on branding his Sup’r Cool business as a creative brand that […]

MeMe Kelly highlights entrepreneurship at Essence

One entrepreneur from New Orleans saw an opening and took a chance six years ago. Today, MeMe Kelly has the most successful local pop-up shop in New Orleans during Essence Festival. Her event, Hair Glam Squad, gives businesses and brands a chance to display their products to thousands of people for three days at a […]

6 tips to help you understand your brand

Brands aren’t just products anymore. Due to social media and how we obtain content now — you are your brand. No offense but if reality stars can turn their 15 seconds of fame into a household name then you surely can do it on a professional level. Here are six tips that anyone can use […]

From GED to law degree, Victoria Starks was strategic in going after her goals

Victoria Starks exemplifies Black excellence. Now at the pinnacle of her education, she obtained her law degree after finishing her high school career with a GED. As she moves on to her next chapter in her life, rolling out got a chance to speak with Starks about her journey to becoming a lawyer. You recently […]

One-on-one with Kira The Realtor

Real estate is a goldmine for Atlanta and one young lady has made it her business to grab a piece of the pie. Kira Oliver is closing real estate deals all over the city. Her infectious personality matched with a strong work ethic makes her a millennial realtor to look out for. In this interview, we […]

6 tips for women who want to start a business

In 2018, all kinds of women have the opportunity and ability to start a business whether full-time or part-time. Social media has changed the perception of a lot of women’s wants, desires, and perceptions. Many women are taking the risks to become entrepreneurs. Times are changing and here are six tips to help in the […]

Business Mom Inc. helping moms become successful businesswomen

Motherhood is a full-time job. Running a business alongside raising a family can present unique challenges to entrepreneurial women. Whether through reading Dionna S. Walker’s book or attending a seminar, Walkers, company, Business Mom Inc., is helping mothers juggle family and business. You’re a mother, what made you develop and launch Business Mom Inc.?  I started […]

The Mad Chef: Spicing up entrepreneurship 1 dish at a time

Who doesn’t love a great seasoned steak or chicken breast? Everyone loves to eat great food, especially when it’s seasoned correctly. A lot of African Americans love to season their food heavily thus leading to an increase in their blood pressure. New Orleans native Derek Robinson Jr., who is known as the Mad Chef, developed […]

Lauren Washington speaks out against bullying

Bullying has become a major issue in America. Kids are dealing with bullying with it not just in the classroom but also on the internet. Lauren Washington, co-founder of ABC, felt a need to help children everywhere who are dealing with bullying. Her nonprofit, the Anti-Bully Crusaders, works with kids to combat bullying in schools […]

A colorful conversation with hairstylist Cynthia Lumzy

We have all seen colorful wigs and hair extensions, whether on our favorite celebrity or a random woman in the mall. Meet the woman who is changing not only the way women wear their hair but also the color. Cynthia Lumzy is the queen of coloring and she has proven that repeatedly. Some of her […]

CEO Supa Cent making women look beautiful with The Crayon Case

Internet sensation turned entrepreneur and cosmetics maven Supa Cent is the creator of the ever-popular The Crayon Case. From being funny on Instagram to launching a cosmetics empire for the amateur makeup artist, she has proven that anything is possible with hard work and humility. Rolling out spoke with Supa Cent about how she developed such […]

3 ways social media changed business

Social media has changed everything about how we live nowadays. I know what you are thinking — well how does this relate to business? In this new era of social media, companies are asked to be increasingly transparent and personal. We are now in the age of open communication, engaged dialogue, and transparency, and business […]

Apparel queen Leila and Stitch knows how to mind her business

Photo credit: By Lee Caps

Entrepreneurship — it’s not for everyone but when the universe has something else in mind for you – one has no choice but to embrace change. Leila, better known as Leila and Stitch on Instagram, has redefined the word entrepreneur in the world of apparel. With no previous experience, she has built quite a name […]

Meet VH1 hair pro Milani Taylos

It was all a dream, no she didn’t read Word Up Magazine but Milani Taylos did dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Starting at the tender age of 15, entrepreneurship has always been in her blood. From the opening of her first store in Cleveland, Ohio to her product being seen on VH1 reality shows, […]