3 ways social media changed business

3 ways social media changed business
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Social media has changed everything about how we live nowadays. I know what you are thinking — well how does this relate to business? In this new era of social media, companies are asked to be increasingly transparent and personal. We are now in the age of open communication, engaged dialogue, and transparency, and business success may now have less to do with the size of ad budgets, but on the quality of interactions with customers. Everything about how we consume content has changed. Instagram has become the new business card, read on to find out why.

Personal image

Years ago companies paid close attention to what their employees and even had strict rules on how an employee should conduct themselves. This was also true for a lot of entrepreneurs with thriving businesses as well. Since the introduction of social media, major brands will now partner with individuals because of their personal image. Yes, there are companies paying individuals just to be themselves. This is the age of promoting yourself and allowing your personal brand to be parallel to your business. Promoting yourself in a positive light will create a desire for companies to reach out for endorsements, collaborations and even sponsorships.

Visibility everywhere

Long before websites were even thought about, consumers would have to write or place a phone call to a company if they had a question or complaint. When the World Wide Web was introduced, email addresses because the new way to communicate but even that had its drawbacks. Such platforms as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and even Twitter have leveled the playing field of visibility for everyone. Now even the smallest businesses can increase their reach and overall bottom line. Understand that visibility is key to the growth of your overall brand. There are so many social media platforms that cater to a number of different individuals. Platforms such as Pinterest and Snapchat caters to two different types of individuals yet they are both effective in the promoting of a business especially one that is visually driven.

Better campaigning and engagement

Thank Facebook and Instagram for the ability to reach thousands of people with just a push of the promotion button. Both platforms allow users to promote their services, product and overall profile to their intended target market. This type of marketing creates a stellar campaign for the smaller companies that are looking to just create brand awareness. Creating engagement is important as it pertains to the gathering of customers and potential loyal consumers. The most popular brands in social media tend to post less about their products or services and more about things that help their customers get to know the people and personality of a company. Their goal is less about “selling” and more “engaging” — and, as a result, through such engagement, people feel more comfortable doing business with those companies.

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