Meet VH1 hair pro Milani Taylos

Meet VH1 hair pro Milani Taylos
Photo Cred: Vick Supreme

It was all a dream, no she didn’t read Word Up Magazine but Milani Taylos did dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Starting at the tender age of 15, entrepreneurship has always been in her blood. From the opening of her first store in Cleveland, Ohio to her product being seen on VH1 reality shows, she has definitely positioned iHair Candy as a brand to watch.

We are happy to have you here at rolling out , can you tell us how you came to starting iHair Candy?

Awe, thank you! I am glad to be here also. Well, I always had a passion for marketing. I don’t care what you give me, I will be sure to come up with a dope concept to push it. At the age of 15, I had my own clothing store. Then at 18, we decided to change it into a salon, and that’s when iHairCandy was born. iHairCandy is well known in Cleveland, Ohio. The weave industry is very popular amongst African-American women both young and old! Just seeing all the girls come in and buy my hair was a dream,

iHair Candy is your business but who is Milani Taylos?

Well, my birth name is Tahja, I came up with Milani Taylos when I was in high school. Actually, there was a song that came out from a couple of rappers in my home town, named “Introduction” by Sosa trap and Los. My best friend and I  were rapping in a cypher to that song and we came up with names Milani Taylos and Armanie Losa. Milani Taylos became my alter ego. She is that Hollywood go-getter, that was pretty much a bad ass that didn’t take no for an answer. She is very self-motivating and hard working. She believes that when you put God first and apply yourself fully that the sky is the limit.

What makes iHair Candy different from other hair companies currently out?

My popularity grew in my city due to the quality of my hair and how I how I promoted my brand. I don’t sell any cheap hair from a vendor. I sell raw hair which lasts longer and can be used multiple times. I literally just got an email today from one of the members of VH1’s Black Ink Crew stating that my hair was the best hair she has ever worn.

Meet VH1 hair pro Milani Taylos
Photo Cred: Vick Supreme

How has the process been with the operating of 3 stores in Ohio and 1 store in Atlanta?

It’s been pretty tricky, I actually fly out to Atlanta about once a week. The shops in Cleveland are my babies. I go back in forth between those three all day. Two are salons and one is strictly a hair boutique.

You have accomplished a lot as a young entrepreneur – what do you credit to you obtaining your success?

I am a firm believer in believing in yourself. I would have to credit my success to God and of course my customers – who keep me going. I truly believe hard work pays off. In high school, I studied marketing which led me to want to do visuals for my hair company. Visuals brought me a lot of attention which helped me gain such a large following.

We see that you are a celebrity hairstylist for VH1, what projects have you been apart of with VH1?

Yes, I am a celebrity hair pro. I have worked with Young Bae and Kit of Black Ink Crew as well as Brianna and Dream Doll of Love and Hip Hop. I am definitely looking forward to the new seasons.

What is your relationship with Rick Ross and Rich Hair Care?

I work with Rich Hair Care to provide the best hair products for my company. I have their products in all our locations.

Who are some of your influences as a female entrepreneur?

There are a few female entrepreneurs that I personally love regarding their hustle and work ethic, but far as an influence, I would have to say, Oprah Winfrey. She’s amazing!

How did you get into the hair business? How did you come up with the name iHair Candy?

My mother has been doing hair pretty much all my life. She started in high school. I have always been around hair. After selling clothes at the age of 15, I decided it was time for a shift and at 18 I decided to get into hair.

What upcoming projects and ventures do you have coming up?

I would like to say that 2018 is all about cleansing and new projects. I would love to get on a tv show, so maybe I will work on that lol. I will of course still be working with Rich Hair Care and pushing hard for iHair candy. I also have a business venture pending with Sally’s Beauty Supply store and iHair Candy will be contracted for another season of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop & Black Ink Crew.

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