Glam-Aholic Lifestyle brand is changing the business of luxury

Mia Raym Glam-Aholic, Travel, Luggage, Accessories

Mia Ray, a Detroit-bred entrepreneur, is making waves in the billion-dollar luxury lifestyle space. The mom, entrepreneur, and curator of the Glam-Aholic lifestyle is on track to bring in $25 million in revenue for 2022. A retired fashion blogger, Ray took her love for fashion and created the Glam-Aholic Lifestyle brand for savvy young women […]

Shea Coleman discusses entrepreneurship and juggling 2 ventures during COVID

Shelethia “Shea” Coleman is the owner of SheaBeeCakes LLC. and RMT & Wellness. Coleman, who hails from Dallas, is a mother of three and a mentor. She has three years of self-taught as well as trained baking experience while working as a licensed massage therapist for over 10 years. The highly motivated and ambitious entrepreneur […]

Shanesha Scott discusses her health journey and entrepreneurship

Shanesha Scott is a former makeup artist-turned-life coach who was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called polymyositis, simultaneously as she opened her life coaching business, Beauty 4RM Ashes. During the last year, Scott put her life coaching business on hold to focus on her health. Polymyositis causes severe muscle weakness, which can be debilitating. […]

Robiar Smith of R.B. Pest Solutions finds success in a male-dominated field

Robiar Smith recently shared how she built her pest control business with rolling out after leaving behind a successful career in IT and higher education. Following in her parents’ footsteps, the south side native has built a thriving organization that boasts several retail locations and a line of pest control products. Tell me about your […]

Caesar Walks captivates with new luxury shoe collection

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Luxury shoe designer and shoemaker Ganesia Wveighlin stepped into the fashion industry by launching Caesar Walks at just 29. Determined to change the narrative of consumers’ perception of luxury shoe designers, especially black women, Wveighlin is positioning herself to make a change. Initially launching with the Saint Plousious loafer collection, a handmade Italian velour fabric […]

Netflix filmmaker Renae Bluitt shares why she shows up to fight for all women

(photo provided by Renae Bluitt)

Renae Bluitt is a filmmaker, digital content creator and brand expert based in Brooklyn, New York. She serves as an advocate for Black Women’s accurate representation in the media. In 2009, Renae launched the “In Her Shoes” blog, which features Black women. Unsurprisingly, it was named “Best Business Blog of the Year” in the 2011 […]

Entrepreneur Erricka Traylor explains how she went from broke to business owner

In 2015, Atlanta-born Erricka Traylor lost it all. Her long-term relationship ended, and she was left not only with a broken heart but also with an empty bank account. At that moment, she learned a hard lesson about love and finances. She was forced to rebuild. Fast-forward five years, and today Traylor is the successful […]

Life coach Debbie L. London prescribes remedy for ‘generational trauma’

How do you overcome generational trauma? Life coach Debbie L. London defines generational trauma as “inherited negative patterns passed down within the bloodline that continue to go unaddressed.” It can be created when trying to make an effort to escape the past in an unhealthy way. She knows firsthand the steps required to move beyond […]

Powerhouse businesswoman Lalanii Wilson-Jones is proud to employ people

Lalanii Wilson-Jones is an author and a powerhouse businesswoman within the health care, education, beauty and wellness sectors. With more than 25 years of experience, Wilson-Jones has been either the chief executive officer or executive director of more than a dozen companies, making her a nationally recognized leader in business and entrepreneurship. Read on to […]

Entrepreneur Asia Hamilton creates space for Black artists to show work

In her 20 year career as a photographic artist, Asia Hamilton cultivated a talent for capturing raw composition as a reflection of her authenticity. The Detroit, Michigan, native specializes in portraits, landscapes and texture photography and curates spaces that allow herself and other Black artists to professionally exhibit their work. She is the founder, director […]

Kei Davis creating a travel tribe for women with ‘The Inn Crowd’

Meet Kei Davis: the powerhouse behind The Inn Crowd, a travel tribe for millennial women of color.  Davis is a process improvement analyst by trade, with four years of corporate experience helping businesses run efficiently while increasing their profitability. In the last two years, she also has built an international travel brand designed not only to empower […]

Meet the entrepreneur behind the vegan nail polish actress Issa Rae adores

Veganism is about more than the food on your plate; it’s a lifestyle. Chicago native Rachel James understands that and has created a line of vegan-friendly, cruelty-free nail lacquer called Pear Nova for those who care about the ingredients in the polish they wear. After graduating from the International Academy of Design & Technology in 2012, James […]

Velma Trayham uses her entrepreneurial highs and lows to help others

Starting a business isn’t easy. Just ask any entrepreneur who has ever tried and failed. That’s why these past six years have been so gratifying for Velma Trayham. As the chief executive officer of Thinkzilla PR Group, Trayham has worked tirelessly to build her company along with her client roster. Like so many other entrepreneurs, […]

CURLS CEO Mahisha Dellinger rises from poverty to success, and now popcorn

Mahisha Dellinger is a Black woman who escaped a turbulent upbringing to become the CEO of popular natural hair care line CURLS. From the trials of corporate America to becoming her own boss, Dellinger has learned many lessons along the way. She is working through her nonprofit and other organizations to aid young women who […]

Southern sisters promote healthy hair with Rucker Roots’ natural products

The Rucker sisters possess beauty, brains, Southern charm, and relentless drive. We first met the sisters on WE tv’s “Love Thy Sister” that premiered in January of 2015. Ione Rucker-Jamison, Ellen Rucker Sellers and Ruby Rucker-Cooper are part of a prominent family from South Carolina. Ione, who graduated from Spelman College and Ellen, who graduated from the University of […]

Meet VH1 hair pro Milani Taylos

It was all a dream, no she didn’t read Word Up Magazine but Milani Taylos did dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Starting at the tender age of 15, entrepreneurship has always been in her blood. From the opening of her first store in Cleveland, Ohio to her product being seen on VH1 reality shows, […]

Ballin’ and business with Kijafa Vick

Kijafa Vick, Executive producer of VH1's Baller Wives, and entrepreneur

Kijafa Vick is much more than a “baller’s wife.” The wife of former NFL quarterback Michael Vick, Kijafa is using her professional skills and entrepreneurial mindset to create opportunities. Quietly, she is proving herself as a show producer. Her first experience came as the executive producer of “The Mike Vick Project,” and now alongside her […]

Successful women balancing a business and full-time motherhood

Being a mother is a full-time job; add running a business in the mix and it can become quite stressful. There are women around the world that are trying to balance a family and following their professional dreams. We interviewed Arjia Thomas and Tammy Robertson; both are mothers and business owners. Here, they give advice and […]

5 businesses that female entrepreneurs should invest in

Some would say that it’s cliché for a woman to own and operate a beauty salon and fashion boutique. We live in a world where opportunities and ideas are endless. Many times females may not explore the many options presented to them today. In this article, we will discuss alternatives to start up businesses. Whether […]