August Alsina posts troubling message about his life

Photo Credit: Instagram – augustalsina

August Alsina has never shied away from telling or singing to fans about his struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. In part, that honesty is what has made his music translate so well with fans, but the flip side of that is a concern for the singer and his mental health. And that concern was brought to the forefront yesterday when Alsina posted a troubling message about his life on his social media pages.

Yesterday, Alsina posted a dark and morose image of himself on his Instagram page along with a message to his fans saying that he’s been living with “dis-ease” for a long time. He doesn’t give clarity on what that means or if it’s an actual disease, but the singer mentions that he’s been pulled back into something painful.

Photo Credit: Instagram – augustalsina

“I’ve been living my life in so much dis-ease that I’ve literally created it within myself… God has invested something inside of me, But I am not afraid of this Agony because I know that God pulls us back to shoot us FORWARD,” Alsina wrote.

Alsina then switched gears in the caption and wrote a word of advice to his fans about self-care.

“To my lovely and loyal fans.. Please take care of yourself and your bodies & your SOULS. A beautiful face will fade, a beautiful body will too fade, but a beautiful soul is that FOREVER,” the singer wrote.

Alsina then hinted that he’ll reveal more details about his private struggle later on.

“I have so much to share, until I do.. Please say a prayer,” wrote the singer.

We’re not exactly sure what it is that Alsina is going through but it’s clear from the comments on his page that he has a lot of fans who care about him and we do hope that better days are coming for him. What do you think of Alsina’s post? Let us know in the comments.

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