Racist customer beaten and tasered by Burger King workers (video)

Burger King Worker tases racist customer (Photo source: YouTube screenshot/ Houston Burger King Fight 2017- Daniel Montiel

A racist customer at a Houston Burger King got more than a Whopper when he decided to verbally and physically assault employees while wrecking the restaurant. The unidentified customer challenged Black employees by yelling “Spray that s— n—–” and throwing cash registers to the ground as well as other items at workers.

One worker is then seen stepping up to the man and telling him to stop and calm down. That is when the out of control customer made the mistake of shoving the worker. Then all hell breaks loose as the customer is given a two-piece combo of fists by the enraged Burger King worker. The blows send the man falling to the floor stunned and trying to get up when a female worker comes from behind the counter and joins the action. The female worker warns her co-worker to step back because she is going to use her Taser. As the customer struggles to get up from the floor the fearless Burger King worker begins to use her Taser on his body. The man screams in pain and begins to crawl away and is kicked, slapped and called a ‘b—-‘ by the irate Burger King employees. Witnesses say the man was last seen getting on a bus and leaving the scene of the Burger King beef.

The video can be viewed below:


Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  1. omggggg this had me laughing all dam day!!! this is so hilarious what the heck was he thinking , he got a good ole fashion stompdown and he should have nobody likes a racist to me that was a clear case of mental illness its like stepping into a lions den with a steak around your neck!!!

    1. how bout…where is this mans family. and why are they not making sure he’s getting the help he needs. Not following you on the steak and lions den. side eye. no one wants nor do they have to tolerate verbal abuse. mental or not.

      1. nobody abused this idiot he come in there ranting like a pscho. and they wooped his azz so what , if a black man walked into a room of blacks they will do the same

          1. but a black guy would never do that….only whites feel they have the right to act however they want without repercussion….js

          2. You’re a lie. That’s that White Supremacy propaganda told to White people to make them think they’re under attack to stir up even more hate towards Black folks. Don’t fall for it.
            If a Black person was crazy enough to step to a group of White people talking crazy, he would get his ass beat & nobody, including we’s Negroes, would think it was hate crime. Don’t allow White Supremacy propaganda corrupt your mind.

          3. If a black guy did that in a restaurant with mostly white staff he would have been shot with more than a taser, and that’s just a fact.
            NO pity for this ass.

          4. You are so ‘Right””” everyone in there would have had a ‘Gun” and he would have been dead as a door knob….
            Anytime a “white person do anything they are “crazy”” a Black is a”thug”
            Sorry but he got a good old fashion butt whooping….. Maybe his family will see this and get him the “help’ he need.. Thank God no one was serious hurt”

          5. He’s wearing a leg brace. Looks like he pulled this stunt before and got a previous beat down. He doesn’t seem to be a fast learner.

          6. That was just an ignoramus who
            acted an ass and got not enough of what he deserved, personally I think they shoud’ve busted his skull

        1. That was a minimal beat down, one punch, one slap and one taze out the door. He could have really gotten the crap kicked out him, but the employees showed restraint.

          1. “the employees showed restraint.”

            Which is a lot more than I would have. Someone comes at me like that, they are getting hurt, no doubt about it. Black, white, green purple, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have the right to go into someone’s workplace, verbally abuse them, physically attack them, and be able to walk out under your own power.

      1. being an asshole is not mental illness, is a society illness, we are producing too many assholes, and now they feel they have the right

  2. I think the male employee was justified in fighting back and knocking the man down. The man was a danger to others and was physically menacing. Once the man was down and subdued, the Taser use and subsequent beatings were out of line and even criminal:

    “As the customer struggles to get up from the floor the fearless Burger King worker begins to use her Taser on his body. The man screams in pain and begins to crawl away and is kicked, slapped and called a ‘b—-‘ by the irate Burger King employees.”

    There was nothing “fearless” about this crazy woman. She wanted to taze someone, and she had a subdued, stunned target. She continued to taze and kick the man.

    If the police had tazed a subdued black man, this website would be calling for his head on a pike. When a black woman does it to a white man, this website lauds the action as heroic.

    1. He was being violent, aggressive and threatening. Albeit he was a homeless looking man with likely mental issues or on drugs. He was allowed to leave on his own recognizance. Seems to me you are playing up the race angle here for no reason, snowflake.

      1. “He was allowed to leave on his own recognizance.”
        While being tasered, kicked, and beaten the whole way.

        “Seems to me you are playing up the race angle here for no reason, snowflake.”
        Really? Because the author basically praises the participants in this beating simply because the white man was racist, snowflake.

          1. I realize that. It says I am not a mean-spirited, racist bigot like so many of the posters here.

          2. Actually it says just that. The fact that you applaud this inbred white guy for spouting racist rhetoric shows you are just as much a racist bigot as he is.

          3. I have not applauded this guys racism or violence in any way.

            However, you have applauded the woman’s violence against the man and you have applauded the racist comments of other posters. You love racism.

          4. I agree with you completely. The racist guy was wrong and I don’t like anything about him. But that doesn’t mean tasering him when he was on the ground was right. Frankly, tasers (and stun guns) are used way too often, most often by the police but also in this case. They can actually kill people and should only be used when someone is threatened (in place of a gun). She was attacking him with it repeatedly when he was already on the ground. If he got up and refused to leave and was again threatening then fine, but this was different.

          5. She tased him once, he got up and grabbed her, she did it again, and kicked him when he grabbed at her..

          6. that’s what I saw, the man, from the floor, trying to grab her or whoever intervened. he needed to understand that if he does something like that, there will be consequences

          7. He was blessed that was all he got. Wake up he thought he had a right to disrespect and destroy everything around him. If he is nutty, guess what he got the shock treatment free of charge instead of having to go to an institution to get the same treatment at cost, thus saving money.

        1. “simply because the white man was racist” – where do I begin ? I’ll just say – not only is your privilege showing, but so is your moronic stupidity, and even more disturbing, your banal, complacent and apologetic evil.

          STFU you evil, simplistic, racist troglodyte.

          1. Wow. You are thrilled to see a man beaten and tortured for revenge, but I’m the one who’s evil? You are a sick little man.

        2. He was ALIVE when he left ….
          Had that been a black man dealing with white people the results may have been much different!
          Especially if police were involved!

          1. I am not a Trump supporter, nor did I vote for him.

            That being said, I know some people were roughed up, but I don’t remember people being punched, kicked, or tased on the way out of Trump events. If it did happen, it is just as reprehensible as this situation.

      2. But cops do do those things, not only will they taze someone they are known to occasionally shoot & kill unarmed people.

        And that “Black woman” – “White man” part was attempt to make poor White men seem like victims when you know when it comes to women, of any race, this country let them get away with far more things than men, of any race. She being a “Black” woman & he a “White” man had nothing to do with it.

      3. You’re forgetting a nasty ass bitch cop and her cracker husband murdered a man in Houston recently for murdering a man for taking a pee. I hope they wear orange and get a taste of their bigotry for the rest of their lives in prison. They forgot Texas is not red in Houston or Austin. Justice will prevail good riddance to their ilk.

      1. Okay, ignore the cop comment.

        What if an obviously deranged black man went into a business acting that way and white employees subdued him. Then, after he was subdued and no longer a threat, what if a white woman came up and began tasering him and the whole group joined in kicking and beating him?

        This author and most of the posters on this site would be up in arms about racism.

        As this situation stands, though, the first comment made on this article was about how funny this man’s beating was.

          1. Would you agree that George Zimmerman was in the best position to determine if Trayvon Martin was a threat?

          2. Cruddy, no disrespect, but you just agreed with SrAgri’s argument about who determine’s threat

          3. No disrespect taken but please explain what you mean. Seeing that GZ was following TM then he couldnt have felt threatened by default. If he felt threatened he would have moved in the opposite direction.

          4. Well, GZ wasn’t following TM when TM jumped him and tried to beat him to death.

            Besides, even if GZ was following him, GZ was in the best position to determine if he should follow TM, according to your logic.

          5. You must have selective memory. Of course he was following TM when TM started beating him down.

            Either youre doing the caucasian deflection tactic or youre dumb. I said GZ obviously wasnt in the best position to determine if TM was a threat not if he should follow him.

          6. “You must have selective memory. Of course he was following TM when TM started beating him down.”

            You must have imaginative memory, because that never happened. Listen to the tapes again. GZ was following him earlier in the tape and stopped when told to do so. He was standing around waiting for the police when TM jumped him.

          7. You dont sound too bright. That was one of the things they used on GZ. The fact that he continued to follow TM after he was told to stand down.

          8. Really? As I recall, a jury who heard the facts of the case, including the 911 tape, concluded that he was acting in self-defense.

          9. Doesnt matter what they concluded. The point was that he followed TM which sparked the confrontation.

          10. No chimp. Your point was this….
            “Z was following him earlier in the tape and stopped when told to do so. “

          11. Petty insults add no weight to your incoherent arguments. I’ve made my point and thinking adults can see it and understand it.

          12. Exactly. TM was the one standing his ground. GZ was the aggressor and actually instigated the confrontation. He was getting that ass beat and THAT is when he pulled his gun and murdered the kid. The fact that so many white people are still lying and trying to justify this is disturbing and disgusting. They are going to love being the racial minority. It’s called Karma.

          13. Excellent response. Due to the extreme level of violence this man displayed, at no time were any of the employees to “assume” he was not a threat. Personally, their lives were still in danger after he “seemingly” calmed down and walked towards the exit, because he’d already proven that he could go from zero to one hundred in seconds and without warning. He needs help, but Burger King employees are not the people to give it to him. They gave him exactly what he needed on that day and at that time, a good beat down that’ll make him think twice about ever coming in there and putting other people’s lives in jeopardy and destroying property again. Great post!

        1. If it was a black man you can be sure he would not be getting on a bus, instead he would be getting six feet of dirt thrown on his body. wake up.

          1. I think if he were a black man, it would have turned out about the same way. The buy would have knocked him flat and the woman would still have tasered him.

          2. And the blue klux klan would have shot him dead without asking a single question. Skin color is all the justification they need.

          3. Even if what you are saying is true, that doesn’t make it right.n You don’t taser someone when they are on the ground. Not if you are the police doing it to a black person, or a black person doing it to a white racist nutjob. Not while he was on the ground.

        2. You know why racism would be an issue if white people beat on a Black guy? Because that sh!t was already an issue for 400 years and on a very large scale spanning from Africa all the way to America..back and forth..vice versa..however. So that why it is an issue because it has ALWAYS been an issue. It was NEVER Blacks using whites as plantation labor OR Blacks cutting off body parts or maiming because a white ran away from a Black man’s Plantation OR a mob of a hundred Blacks hanging a white person because they felt that he/she shouldn’t be in their town or because they didn’t have nothing else to do that day OR a Black man assassinating a white man running for public office because he felt that a white man should not be in government OR a Black man getting a boat, going over to Europe and kidnap as many White people that his boat can carry, sail the seas for months with them stacked on top of each other in the belly of the boat, throwing up and $#!tting and pissing all over each other only to split up the families that survive the boat ride when they get to their destination OR a Black government denying white men, women, boys, and girls a good education or even the right to sit at a lunch counter or even come through the front door of a business instead of some back alley. The fuggin list goes on but the issue of racism has ALWAYS been an issue..problem is.. Whites were not 400 year victims of racism.

          1. That is a stupid argument. The woman in the video who decided to appoint herself as a vigilante torturer did not experience 400 years of oppression.

            Jewish people don’t get to go around beating every German person they see just because the German ancestors tortured and killed the Jewish ancestors.

            You can make all the excuses you want, but only a racist would support the torture aspect of this video.

          2. Jewish people didnt have their ancestors enslaved for over 400 years by the Germans. Your attempts at comparison leave a lot to be desired.

          3. You’re right. There is no comparison between Jews and black people.

            Historically, there have been several attempts to eradicate the Jews completely. They have repeatedly been forcibly expelled from countries (as long ago as 50 A.D., when they were expelled from Rome). There property has been seized repeatedly.

            Even in the modern day, Jewish people experience far more hate crimes than black people (by a factor of three in 2015, based on FBI data).

            Yet, with only a few exceptions, Jewish people do not feel justified in committing racist hate crimes against others.

          4. Youre doing the white boy deflection thing again or you cant seem to keep up. Focus. Your comment was about the Germans.

          5. Focus? What are you talking about? You accuse me of deflection (common SJW/race-baiter tactic), but you try to change the topic to Germans.

            You’re an ignorant troll that can’t follow logic.

          6. Yes Focus on your comment comment about Germans. Doesnt matter if you went back and took it out. Stop being emotional. LOL!

          7. See this is the ‘denial tactic’ of the racists. Call all arguments about race stupid, use the term “you’re playing the race card”, start talking about Jews to deflect the fact of talking about Blacks mistreatment, etc. Etc. But see you know damn well what I’m talking about but we Blacks don’t sweat your games because we may not our history as it relates to our African roots but we damn sure know our American roots as it relates to living in this white supremacy designed society. So you can play your little mind games all you want but you know what tf has been going on and what’s still going on..know how I know?..because if you know historically what happened to the Jews then you automatically know what happened historically with Blacks. See you wanna play but the only one you’re playin is your damn self by being exposed by your own comments.

          8. Okay, I just have to jump in here. First of all, let me preface my entire statement. I am a mostly white male living in Canada. I have not personally experienced the kind of racism that black Americans regularly face, nor does black focused racism typically manifest in Canada (most race-based racism here is targetted towards the French or Natives). However, I have spent a tremendous amount of time researching this particular topic. So with all that preface out of the way, here we go.
            Playing the “race” card, by either side, is absolute bullshit. If the subject had been a black male and the burger king was staffed by white people, it is very likely that the vast majority of posters would be up in arms about the inherent racism of the whole thing. With the subject being a white male going off on a group of black employees, suddenly it’s alright? No, not even remotely.
            Now, this man definitely should have been subdued. Untrained as they were, the staff resorted to a fist fight to leave the subject knocked down. I don’t hold that against them. However, what follows is actually criminal. First of all, the man in the white shirt stands on the subjects shoulder and neck to keep him pinned down. That move alone can potentially kill. Considering the subject was dazed and on the floor, this was entirely unnecessary.
            Now I am not saying he did not need to be restrained. But an arm bar would have done fine. Every person in that room has seen the posture of an arrested subject. You know how to pull a mans arm behind his back and jack it up so he can’t move. It’s painful, but mostly harmless.
            The taser was unnecessary at the start. Neither was slapping him, or kicking him, while he was on the ground. It would have been very easy to put the man in an arm lock, bring him to the exit, and remove him. That isn’t what the staff decided to do. They allowed their anger to get the better of them, and they brutally beat this guy.
            Now, I will say this subject was an asshole. He was acting in an entirely unacceptable manner, and he definitely needed to be dealt with. What happened here, however, was not necessary in any frame of the word. It is entirely likely that at least two of the staff could be criminally charged for their actions in this instance.

            Now to address the racism issue. Yes, African Americans suffered at the hands of white people for a very long time. Yes, it is true that even the freeing of the slaves didn’t make life better for African Americans. It is true that segregation and systemic racism was a part of everyday life for a very long time, and it is true that racism still affects African Americans to this day. I am not going to deny any of that, and I am not going to try and belittle any of that.
            What I am going to ask is, at what point do we say enough is enough? At what point does it stop being comeuppance for the sins of our fore-fathers, and become heartless vengeance? I would hope that you wouldn’t say that anything a woman does to a man is entirely deserved, because women spent thousands of years being treated as the property of their fathers and husbands. Is it the same thing that happened to Africans? No, but it is damn close.
            Saying “he deserves it, because he is a racist” is just an excuse. If it makes you feel good to see another human being be abused in any way, then you aren’t a good person. It isn’t only white people who can be bigoted or racist (though I will fully admit that when a white person is racist s/he has a much higher likelihood of being able to weaponize their hatred to do real harm).
            Any time you see a situation like this, there is a very simple way of determining how it should be viewed. Change the participants up. If they are white, make them black/brown/asian. If they are male, make them female. If your reaction is still the same regardless of those conditions, then fine. But if you know in your heart you would treat the situation differently if the roles were reversed, then you have just revealed some bigotry in your own heart and you might want to deal with that.

          9. Translation: You tried to read my comment but the gruesome truth was way too much for your White mind and decided to stop reading before possibility of ‘guilt’ affected you.

          10. No, your “translation” is simply you trying to congratulate yourself on making a point. Please stop deluding yourself – you did no such thing.

            Learn to write coherently and try using paragraphs.

          11. Don’t get mad at me because all of your comments are getting picked apart. Oh yea.. This is not grammar class . This is the internet. I guess now you’re going to tell me that every comment that you read on the net is written coherently. Go right ahead so i can call you liar again. If you want things written coherently and in paragraphs then get off the net and go and pick up the evening newspaper..but don’t be surprised if you find a typo or broken english there too.

    2. Where is your brain, if she had of not tazed him the fight would of continued. The fact that you think people and the area should be subjected to this idiot rantings is okay says a lot about you. People are sick and tired of the likes of you thinking this man did not deserve getting tazed. He is lucky that is all he got.

      1. Wow. I bet you think that police don’t have a right to use a taser on black criminals or even shoot them, if necessary, but you’re all in favor of an angry black woman with a taser attacking a white man who appears to be mentally ill.

      2. How do you know the fight would have continued. The crazy got clocked pretty good and he very well may have lost his will to continue the fight.

        I don’t think anyone should have been subjected to the man’s racist tirades, but people don’t get to go around decided what other people “deserve”. What if the taser had caused him to have a heart attack and die? Did he deserve to die?

        The simple fact of the matter is that the woman decided to try to dispense “justice” and she was in the wrong. I would not be surprised if she ends up getting fired.

      1. That’s true enough. I agree that police should be held to a higher standard. A police officer would have gotten in trouble for punching the belligerent nutcase, but I think the young man was completely justified in punching him like he did.

        It was the beating and tazing that they administered to the man on the ground that I find excessive.

  3. They need to make sure to be on the lookout for him to return with firearms. He is not finished. Just letting him leave and not filing a report and charging him opens the door for him to return.

  4. Homeless man with a leg in a cast, can’t get the food he ordered, jerked around by the employees until he loses it. Then gets beat up when an employee comes up to bully him further. I’ve been in this poor bastards shoes myself. However, I did not lose it as he did. I did cause some financial discomfort for the business owner and his employees. I’ll skip Burge King from now on.

    1. How do you know he was homeless, jerked around by the employees, and couldnt get the food he ordered?

      He got beat down because he put his hands on the wrong employee. I bet he will learn from this. LOL!

  5. More butt whippings like this need to be handed out by Black folks on these suspected White Supremacists. He thought he had backup, but he was wrong. That is the way to get on code Black people!

  6. I’m sure he will no longer eat at Burger King. I am sure he will try Wendys next to see if the spicy chicken sandwich does not come with a side if a** whoopin’!

    1. I agree. I don’t think racism had much to do with the employees’ actions. They became angry and went too far, but it was more about revenge and retaliation.

      However, racism has everything to do with this article and how happy some of these posters are about the incident.

      1. Its always amazing and incredible when white racists get stomped. They get away with their crap too many times. However this one only got a small portion of what he actually deserved.

          1. No I wouldnt be excited at all but it was pretty cool to see the white boy get his.

            People dont typically change the way they think after the age of 12 on certain deeply held beliefs like religon and racism. Its not that he is racist that bothers me. Its the fact that he had the gall to think he could get away with being disrespectful.

          2. Just like the white woman who continued to saddle the guy on the bus with the N word. He asked her several times to “mind her manners” but she continued berating him. I don’t usually condone men hitting women but she had that backhand coming! As others have said, she got a free lesson that day that will probably save her life in the future!

          3. Someone needs a lesson in what institutional racism actually is. White people have never been oppressed in this country, they have always been the oppressors, so, you can’t really be ‘racist’ against them, just discriminatory.

    2. Racism has everything to do with this. The white boy wouldnt have been in store spewing racist dialog if this had nothing to do with racism. Racism is at the root of just about every contentious situation in this country. This country was founded on the principle of racism and it pervades the very fabric of its society.

    1. And call whom? The police? So they can show up, harrass us, and take someone other than the white guy to jail?
      Nope, she handled it just fine!

      1. Amen-Ra. Reminds me of the time I had to knock this white clowns teeth out while managing a business place and the cops showed up and attempted to arrest me even though we had called the cops to arrest the white boy that attacked me.

        1. That’s terrible Cruddy, and I believe you. I have all of the respect in the world for police but feel zero sympathy when they are attacked.
          On another note, I’m glad that you were able to connect with that clown!

  7. Let me add one more thing….kicking the guy on the ground is one issue but tasering him is another. The taser is much worse because people underestimate the danger. Especially for people who have heart problems tasering can kill someone and I doubt the woman was thinking that. Luckily, the guy was OK but you never know.

    1. Tasers are for stopping physical violence. He’s a guy and she’s a gal. No different than if she was fighting off a rapist.
      He has to be culpable.

  8. Look closely children, this is what a minimum wage earner looks like when mildly confronted with some yelling, throwing stuff on the floor and a push.

    1. Look closely snowflakes, this is how old, racist white men behave who are still butt hurt over losing the Civil War. They like to threaten and harass black people, women and kids particularly, and then complain like petulant children when they are held accountable for their actions.

  9. The men had it handled. There was no reason for the woman to run over and get in on the action with her taser…. that part just looked gratuitous.

    1. I’m guessing that she had been carrying the taser around for a while and had never had an opportunity to actually use it. She was enjoying tasing the guy.

  10. The man seemed drunk and/or mentally ill in this video. That he was spewing vitriol and being a racist is obvious. I don’t feel for him in any way. He was the moron here. But the man WAS altered, by liquor or drugs and/or mental illness – which doesn’t excuse anything, and he got beaten up which was obviously going to happen. People, can be so ghastly and STUPID.

  11. white people remember we have freedom of speech and we accept that, black people have the right to whoop ass and got to jail for it, and due their time and get out, that is their right, so don’t speak up if you ain’t ready to take that ass whoopin, or unless you are able to dish out some ass whoopins !!!

  12. Good for the Workers they do not have to tolerate nor suffer a Rascist idiot like this- HE better learn to respect his fellow AMERICANS! This is a Modern society and we will not allow this anymore.

  13. The employees who got into it with him should be fired. The reason: Their actions in response to his posed an added threat to customers and to themselves. If a customer, had gotten hurt, it could mean the end of that restaurant. Ditto, if the guy causing the trouble is mentally ill.
    Ask him to leave, if he doesn’t, call your security or call the police.
    Never get into a fight willingly.

    1. They were standing their ground and he attacked the employee first. They arent mental health professionals and the inbred wasnt going to stand still for a psych eval even if they were.

  14. These people’s actions cannot be compared to trained police officers. Burger King does not put employees through months of rigorous training exercises so that they’ll know how to handle violent, aggressive, or otherwise potentially harmful people. This was a life threatening situation. Who’s to say just how much further this man’s rants and rage would have escalated had the employees not stepped up? He obviously had no fear, nor regard for anyone else’s life nor livelihood – destroying property, ranting at the employees, and throwing cash registers and so forth in the direction of the employees if not right at them? No way did any of the employees do anything wrong. Well, other than allow the guy to leave. The police should’ve been called immediately and the man should’ve been held until they came because he was an obvious threat to others and could’ve harmed someone less capable of defending themselves after he left Burger King. He calmed down only because he didn’t want any further butt kicking to take place. Who’s to say what his state of mind was or whom he may have taken his anger out on, especially after that reality check delivered by the “this ain’t what you want,” butt kicking, Burger King crew.

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