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Kim Kardashian paying 5 figures for surrogate to carry her baby

Kim Kardashian paying 5 figures for surrogate to carry her baby
Kim Kardashian (Photo source: Instagram-@KimKardashian)

Kim Kardashian was warned by her doctors that if she tried to carry another baby to term, she would run the risk of losing her own life in the process. Adhering to that advice, the reality queen is reportedly shelling out six figures to procure a surrogate for her third child with husband Kanye West.

The reality star will reportedly pay the unknown woman $45,000 in increments of $4,500 each month for 10 months with a bonus of $5,000 for each possible multiple child, TMZ reports.

Kardashian and West also deposited $68,850 with the agency in charge of organizing the surrogacy.

The reason why the 36-year-old had two difficult pregnancies resulted from being diagnosed with the life-threatening pregnancy condition, placenta accreta.

Placenta accreta takes place when part of the placenta grows too deep inside the uterine wall and can cause severe blood loss after delivery, the Mayo Clinic states. The condition could require the removal of the uterus after childbirth.

Kardashian broached the subject of using a surrogate during an episode of the family’s reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” in November 2016.

She visited her doctor along with “mom-ager” Kris Jenner when the doctor informed her she would be taking a “bit of a chance” with a third go-around.

“There are situations where retained placenta could be life or death,” Dr. Crane told her on “KUWTK.”

A second doctor corroborated Crane’s claims and said she should consider surrogacy as a viable alternative.

“Using a surrogate is not an unreasonable option,” Dr. Wong said. “If our goal is to grow your family like you want to, then a surrogate makes sense.”

Jenner told her daughter bluntly that she could bleed to death if she were to give birth again.

The Selfish author admitted that she’s worried that having a surrogate would form a different bond with that child than having them on her own.

“I’ve come to the conclusion in my mind that I can’t carry another one. So now I want to explore surrogacy,” Kardashian told her mother.

“If the two doctors, that I trust, have told me it wouldn’t be safe for me to get pregnant again, I have to listen to that,” she added.

Kardashian gave birth to her first child North in 2013 and her son Saint in 2015.

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