Chris Brown, Tamar Braxton’s stylist EJ King talks BET behind the scenes

Photo credit: Mark Gunther

This year’s BET Awards was made much more glamorous with the creative vision of celebrity stylist EJ King. King is best known as a larger-than-life personality on the reality TV show “All About the Business,” and as Chris Brown’s stylist. King also styled the vivacious Tamar Braxton who had the audience on its feet during her lively performance. But it’s what’s next for King that makes him such a rising star.

What are you doing this year for the BET Awards?
I’m styling Chris Brown and his dancers for his fabulous performance. I’m also styling Tamar Braxton and I’m also walking the red carpet as talent this year. It’s different because I get to enjoy both sides. You’ll get to see what I bring to the table.

What’s the evolution for EJ King?
I’m much more comfortable with who I am and I’m realizing when I get older and I go more in depth in this business, I want kinda step away from styling so that I can oversee it. I want to be able to have a style house and put people on projects and build the EJ King brand as a household brand. There are things that are important to me like health and fitness, beauty, fashion, hair and skin care. I’m want to tap into different ventures. Sometimes, I feel stagnant. I’ve been doing this for more than 12 years and I think it’s time for me to evolve and spread my wings.