Is Blac Chyna’s side piece done with the Rob and Chyna drama?

Is Blac Chyna's side piece done with the Rob and Chyna drama?
Photo credit: Instagram – @blacchyna

This week was a whirlwind of drama for Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian after the sole Kardashian son went on social media tirade against Chyna and exposed her plastic surgeries, multiple nude pics of her and then accused of her sleeping with multiple men, one man, in particular, Ferrari, who Chyna was seen kissing on camera in a viral video. Now, there are reports that Ferrari is following in Kardashian’s footsteps and taking back the gifts that he’s bought for Chyna.

As previously reported, Ferrari is the man that Chyna is seen kissing in the video clip that Kardashian shared on his Instagram page, explaining to fans that Chyna sent the video to him while they were feuding to show that she was sleeping with other men. Kardashian also posted a photo of Ferrari wearing one of his expensive robes and claimed that Chyna had him and other men in his bed.

Ever since then, Ferrari’s name has been all over the news and people all over the country have been wondering what’s going to happen with Chyna and Ferrari. Well, according to new reports, Ferrari is fed up ith Chyna as well.

Sources say that Ferrari recently spent over $100K on jewelry for Chyna, including $34,850 for a Rolex, $56,500 for a gold necklace and $32,250 for diamond earrings. In total, Ferrari allegedly spent $135,648 and the sources say that his manager, Keely the Boss, was supposed to drop the gifts off to Chyna on July 5, the same day that Kardashian went on his high-profile rant against Chyna.

The sources say that Ferrari’s fling with Chyna began last month and photos of the receipts for the jewelry purchase have even popped up online and Chyna’s name appears under the title “spouse” on the paper. The sources say that Ferrari and Chyna were in discussions about getting matching Rolexes as well, but after Kardashian’s rant online, Ferrari has allegedly had a change of heart about Chyna and returned the jewelry to the shop yesterday.

The sources even claim that Ferrari talked with Chyna about the controversy with Kardashian and that Ferrari told her that he’s walking away due to the drama of them being exposed.

Well, what do you think of this latest turn in the Chyna and Kardashian drama? Let us know in the comments

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