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Black Twitter runs the world (and we love it)

Allow us to share a truth that until now, may have gone unregistered on your radar … are you ready for this?

Black Twitter secretly runs the world.

No, it’s not our supremely tanned president, and it’s not the Illuminati. It’s actually a collection of some of Twitter’s wittiest, most pro-Black minds, who have created a universe more powerful than anything ever conjured up in the minds of Marvel execs. Shall we count down the ways that Black Twitter has shaped our worldview by unleashing their unrelenting power simply through the use of titanium-plated hashtags?

Let’s count them out:








The list can literally go on and on. But Black Twitter wasn’t birthed from automation.
There are real people who lead the movement, and who serve as the true heroes.
We’ve assembled a few of our favorites here, as a precursor to our full examination
of #BlackTwitter.


Our #BlackTwitter All-Stars

Jamilah Lemieux





April Reign

Black Girl Nerds

Big Ghost



Bomani Jones

Combat Jack


  1. EMILY POST on July 21, 2017 at 12:39 pm

    I dont know I think Media Take and the Rose bloggers are more influential…. and it seems their conversations spill out to twitter. It starts on the blogs.

  2. britishrose on July 25, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    yes i agreee with emily post , black twitter only works good with police brutality reports and race issues and getting messages out to people in groups that dont read much . facebook got them all beat and i do believe the highest rating of blacks hang out on facebook . im not reaching for my phone for a tweet but id od watch facebook post a lot ., i think its fans following celebrities on twitter that is more popular , for twitter fans . i dont care what kim kardashian is doing or what beyonce is wearing or who has the best movie out . i want news news and messy mess too i go to media take out for junk news and celebritiy gossip , and ROLLING OUT IS MY FAVORITE . not sure why i just like them . their stories are sort of controversial and celebrity news isnt too much . plus there are other things like fashion junk news and real estate even .. i wish they would change up the stories more frequent though i like to check every morning on headline news . but i love rollingout.