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Bobby Brown sues TV One over Bobbi Kristina

Bobby Brown and Bobbi Kristina
Photo credit: Instagram – @realbkristinahg

These days it seems like every time a celebrity biopic hits the scene family members and friends close to the late celeb have come out in protest of the film and it’s alleged inaccuracies. And this seems to be the case again with the upcoming Bobbi Kristina biopic, as reports have revealed that the late celeb’s father, Bobby Brown, is suing TV One over the film.

As previously reported, the TV movie will focus on Bobbi Kristina’s tumultuous relationship with her parents, Brown and the late Whitney Houston, as well as her dysfunctional relationship with her troubled ex-boyfriend Nick Gordon.

However, according to reports, the real-life Brown is not happy about the way the film will portray him and he has filed a lawsuit against TV One for showing him in a negative and untrue light. In the film, Brown will be played by actor Hassan Johnson and he will allegedly be shown as a “hard drug user” who neglects his daughter after the tragic death of Houston, who died in 2012 after being found submerged in a hotel bathtub.

In the suit, Brown alleges that there are scenes in the film that show him “violate [sic] towards Houston,” and suggests Brown “does not love his daughter [and is not] committed to his daughter.”

Brown insists that he was not abusive to his family nor was he a bad parent to Bobbi Kristina and he claims the filmmakers and network are using his painful life story to make a profit.

Brown names Producers Tracey Baker-Simmons and Wanda Shelley in the suit and claims they’re using information they recieved from his 2004 reality show “Being Bobby Brown” without his permission.

Brown is now seeking $1M in damages from TV One LLC, Simmon and Shelley, and their affiliates.

However, TV One seems to be steadfast in promoting the film and they released a statement to E! News saying they “stand by the film and its representation of this period in Bobbi Kristina’s life.”

What do you think of Brown’s lawsuit against TV One? Let us know in the comments.

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